An Appell Far From The Tree

Author: Mal_Ninaka
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What is An Appell Far From The Tree

Read ‘An Appell Far From The Tree’ Online for Free, written by the author Mal_Ninaka, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, ROMANCE Light Novel, ADVENTURE Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: I, Park Ha Joon, A champion in both Fencing and Kendo die in an Airplane crash during the trip to Rome and reincarnated ...


I, Park Ha Joon, A champion in both Fencing and Kendo die in an Airplane crash during the trip to Rome and reincarnated into an Old Novel which I read during my childhood with my six older sister. As if dying and reincarnating in the Novel was not enough for me, I even has to reincarnated into a BL Novel called and became a main villain, Who was known as Ugly? Forrester Appell Salvatore, an ugly and foolish villain who was in love with Crown Prince the ML, After being used as chess piece by the Crown Prince, He meet's the cruelest ending. In order to prevent that ending, I decided to stay away from the Crown Prince and in order to do that I even left the Altair Empire to study in a foreign country. And just like that 10 years has passed peacefully and i turned 17, I came back to my home in thought that I will not meet my doom anymore. But who had guess that the doom was waiting for me all this time. And eventually that night came that I was most terrified of. "Forrester Appell Salvatore, how dare you pledge for mercy?!!" Crown Prince Callisto said in his ice like tone. The forest surrounding us with cold wind blowing everywhere, I with my companions, kneeling on the ground were trembling in fear with a sharp sword of Knights on our neck. 'I should have never gotten involved in their business from the beginning! It's all my fault that even my close mates have gotten in danger. Just how did things turn out like this?!!' I glance at his cold eyes like how the Real Forrester have done before his death, his sword pointing at my neck while glaring at my friends in his red ruby like eyes made me wonder. "Should I kill all of them? What do you say Forrester?" Callisto said making me miserable. 'Where did it started to go wrong?' Will history really repeat itself? Will the blood once again flow in this beautiful Empire? Will the lives of innocent be taken away by Callisto one more time? Will future be different if I had never come back to Altair Empire?

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ID Johnson · History
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163 Chs
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