An Angel's Soul For The Devil's Heart Book

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An Angel's Soul For The Devil's Heart


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IMPORTANT NOTICE: The hiatus is over! I have returned with all new chapters posting on: FRIDAY, SATURDAY, AND SUNDAY nights CST USA. *Do check out and add my newest novel to your library.* The Dragon’s Fated Bride Note: The books are intertwined with each other through the characters. However, they are all intended to be standalone novels. There is no specific order. Angels have a history, and demons have a forthcoming... Fallen Archangel Samael is hiding under the guise of Lord Christopher Thorn II, the wealthiest shipping magnet in Victorian London. He has just laid his young wife, Lilith Thorn, to rest after her untimely death. In an effort to comfort the grieving family of the deceased woman, he uses his angelic gifts and accidentally awakens a mysterious entity. Her name is Scarlette Rose.... And this extraordinary being is about to upend Christopher's ordinary life. ~~~ [Excerpt] He lashed out viciously, "This is far from finished." Rose went to protest, and Chris swiftly laid another ferocious kiss on her lips to hush her up. Then tugged her hand, leading her to the curb. While they waited for their carriage, he leaned over and panted into her ear. "You forgot to negotiate what would happen after we finished dinner." Christopher was so close to Rose that she was drowning in his erotic scent. Her clouded mind scrambled to remember what she had said to him earlier in the coach, and the words eventually rang out like an alarm resounding in her head. 'I am in control for the rest of this evening while we are at dinner. You must do everything I want and ask for,' Rose held her tongue and did not respond to Christopher. She realized the error of her words. Rose should have never mentioned the part of 'while at dinner.' She understood it negated the first part of her demand about 'the rest of the evening.' ~~~ THIS IS A SLOWBURN NOVEL: A slow burn is a story that moves at its own pace, usually not very fast, and with characters, obstacles, and plotlines that can take a bit to develop. {WARNING: Mature subject matter R-18} THE SEXY TIME STUFF COMES LATER IN THE BOOK. Disclaimer: THIS IS A WORK OF FICTION. ALL NAMES, CHARACTERS, ORGANIZATIONS, PLACES, AND EVENTS ARE EITHER THE PRODUCT OF THE AUTHOR'S IMAGINATION OR USED IN A FICTITIOUS MANNER. THE BOOK COVER IS MINE; PLEASE DO NOT USE IT. Typography for title created by: @nnaise/nnaise#3536on discord https://discord.gg/YbbR2dK6 email: RoseandThornbook@icloud.com