Amphibia : A journey through fairy-tale worlds

Welcome to the Velvet Room. My name is Igor, I'm glad to meet you with a new one.....ah, I'm sorry. Apparently my memory is failing me. Glad to see you again, my most important guest. How many times have we already met here? I don't think it matters. So......what will you do this time?

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33. Closer ties

The night flew by unnoticed. All night Adam told the girls about his experience in a new world for himself. He kept silent about a lot, embellished a lot, and in other moments he completely lied. But everything he told was the truth covered with a layer of lies.

Adam shared his story, keeping silent about who he was from another world. He also told them about Valerian and how she handed over her post to him, literally forcing him to accept it. He told how he had spent more than a year in Newtopia and was waiting for their arrival.

"Wait.. " - Sasha stopped him abruptly

"You said before, but I want to clarify. Did you know where, when and how we would arrive? "

"That's right. Upon receiving my post and abilities, the information poured into my brain."

" And you 've been waiting for us all this time ? " – she looked at him with a look full of emotions

"Yes. " – he held out his hand to howl and Sasha squeezed it

"I've been waiting for you to arrive for so long that I've lost count of how long I've been waiting. " - he chuckled

" And I'm glad I could wait. After all, if I had given up everything, I would never have met you. " – they were embarrassed by his words

"You were literally forced to become our babysitter, aren't you offended ? " - Sasha squeezed his hand harder

" Am I offended ? Of course yes ! Even now I am ready to tear and throw like the day I accepted this post. It still hurts me, but over time I got used to it. I resigned myself and realized that this even has its advantages. " - he lightly stroked her hand

Sasha looked at him with sadness when he let go of her palm. He took a sip from the cup, then continued.

"I just want to let you know that I trust you. I don't want any awkwardness between us, because it will prevent you from focusing on your goal. "

"Then tell me, what kind of goal is this? You mentioned it briefly the first time we met. " – Ann was interested

"Good. Your goal will be to save our world from the so-called "darkness". I do not know what or who it is, the force is silent. I've been traveling the world looking for information, but I haven't found anything." - He shook his head

" That is....are we some kind of superheroes?"

"Yes, you are superheroes, but only for once. " - He finished his tea and crossed his arms over his chest

"When your mission is completed, your forces will be sealed here in the Amphibian. You won't be able to use it after completing the mission. The same goes for me, my power will also disappear. "

Adam was not sure about the latter, since Wisdom was silent on this question. But all he said was the pure truth, their powers will disappear.

" Damn it ! Threw us into another world, forced to save him and won't even give a reward? Here are the cheapskates ! " – Sasha turned to invisible entities

"Yes, apparently the saviors of the world are not entitled to a reward. " - He grinned and looked at the time

The hands of the clock struck the morning, they sat here all night.

"Well, let's leave it at that for now. Go to bed, you have a couple of hours left before training. "

Sasha and Ann went listlessly to their room while Adam washed the cups.


Sasha and Ann quickly returned to the last room and tried to fall asleep. But no matter how hard they tried, their eyes didn't want to close.

"Hey, are you awake? " - Sasha turned to Ann

She opened her eyes and blinked a couple of times.

"No, sleep does not come. I keep thinking about Adam's story. "

"The same thing. I can't get her out of my head. You can't imagine yourself. In his place ? First he was cursed, then he wandered around the world and in the end he was forced to become a Guardian and teach us. "

"It totally sucks. I can't imagine how he copes with it. " - Ann closed her eyes for a second

Sasha turned and looked at the ceiling. She put her hands under her head and pondered.

"I wonder how Adam would behave in such a situation? "

Ann shuddered and quickly opened her eyes. She turned to Sasha and measured her with a look filled with amazement.

" Why are you suddenly talking about him ? "

"I don't know, it just flew out by itself. Usually when I find myself in difficulty, I think, " what would Adam do in my place ? "" – she stared at the ceiling with indifference

"....most likely, n would have come up with a thousand plans, as well as another thousand spare ones. He was always like that, thinking a hundred steps ahead, even Marcie couldn't compete with him. "

"Yes, even though they are twins, Adam has always been superior to her in this regard. "

There was silence in the room. No one wanted to start a dialogue, but the conversation had already begun and no one wanted to throw it the same way.

" How long has it been ? Well, since the day he disappeared. "- Ann asked

"Four years. He's been gone for more than four years. Time flies so fast. One minute he's standing in front of me, screaming and worrying, and the next moment he's gone. " - Sasha closed her eyes, burning with shame

"Sometimes when I close my eyes, I can still hear his voice. I can see his face and his eyes, I can remember his smile. Four years have passed, during this time a lot has probably changed. I want to see him and find out what happened to him during this time. " – Ann closed her eyes, plunging into memories

Sasha looked at her, then reluctance flashed across her face. But looking at such an Ann, sad Ann, she just couldn't help herself.

"Actually, I know where he is. " – Ann opened her eyes and looked at her

"Wait, are you serious? Do you really know where Adam is ? " – in her eyes played more enthusiastically

"Yes, but I can't tell you. "

" In what way ? "

Ann sat up and looked at Sasha, who was looking away from her.

" Sasha, why? Why can you know, but I don't, Marcy and I don't? " – Sasha 's shoulders slumped a little

"Actually....Shhh, Marcy knows too. "

" WHAT? " – Sasha closed her eyes and shuddered

" Quiet ! Otherwise you 'll wake him up ! "

"Sasha, why don't I know anything?! " - Ann stood up and hovered over her

"How do you and Marcy even know where he is? Eh ? "

"Because... we were looking for him all over the city, in our spare time. " – he sat down and was embarrassed, under the look of Ann's accusation

" Were you looking for him... without me? So that 's what these " urgent matters " were ! That 's why I couldn 't reach you or write to you sometimes ! You, behind my back, were looking for Adam and didn't tell me anything?! "

Ann was puffing, her hands clenched into fists. A blue flashed in her eyes.

"We didn't want to disturb you. " - Sasha stood in front of her

" Disturb ? Disturb?! Damn it, Sasha, he's my friend too! No, he was more of a friend to me! He was like an older brother to me, and you didn't want to take it because you didn't want to "disturb" me?! " - her hair lifted slightly

"Okay, calm down and listen to me. "

Sasha covered her face with her hands. She slowly sighed and took her hands away and began to speak with a serious face.

"After he disappeared, you were in a terrible state. You've been going gray in your room for months. We were very worried about you, and we were very happy when you finally came out of your shell. " – she stopped Ann, who wanted to say something

"You were gradually getting better and you were getting better every day. But as soon as it came to Adam, you immediately lost the whole mood. Depending on how you gradually come to your senses, Marcie and I made a decision that we are arguing about to this day. "

She stretched out her hand and pointed her finger at Ann.

"We decided to completely isolate you from Adam. We stopped mentioning his name, things knitted with him, going to the places we went with him. We saw how you were getting prettier every day, and we just didn't have the right to take away your happiness. "

" ' Happiness ' ? Sasha, I don't give a damn about this happiness! " - She waved her hand and some objects rose into the air

"How can I be happy knowing what Adam went through? I will never be happy, because I still blame myself for listening to you then. If I had refused, if I had been able to find the strength to say no, then he would not have disappeared. " – she lowered her head

"And what am I supposed to think now ? Two of my best friends, behind my back, were looking for someone I've been seeing in my nightmares for weeks and they don't tell me anything. What should I.."

" Because we were afraid that you would do something to yourself! " - she interrupted Ann, who looked at her in amazement

"You want the truth, so please. You looked like a living corpse, a living bitch corpse! You kept saying, "It's okay, it's okay. ", but you didn't have a fucking " it's okay. ". You didn't see yourself from the outside. " – Sasha waved her hands emotionally while tears gathered in her eyes

"You were so ...pathetic that we were afraid for you. And when you got busy with these fucking vegetables, a smile appeared on your face for the first time in half a year. And we decided to leave you with this vegetable garden, in your little world while we look for it. " – she tried to wipe away the tears, but they did not stop

"Sasha...." – all the anger disappeared from Ann's eyes

" Do you even know how hard this decision was given to us? We wanted to tell you a couple of times, really. But looking at your smile and peaceful expression, we stopped ourselves. " – Sasha looked at her with eyes full of tears

Ann then jumped up to her friend and took her in her arms. Sasha buried her face in her shoulder and roared softly, releasing the accumulated feelings over the past few years. Ann gently stroked her head, looking ahead with a complicated look.

Sasha began to calm down slowly, and then got out of her arms.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, Ann. But we had no other choice. " – Sasha wiped away the remaining tears

Ann went up to her friend and helped her with this. She looked at her with a calm and collected gaze.

"I forgive you, I forgive you for everything that was hidden from me. But you didn't have to do that." - Sasha looked at her questioningly

"You were right, at first I was fucked up. The vegetable garden really helped, but not for long. I kept going back to that night in my head and couldn't forget it. And then, I started looking. " – she smiled at the astonished Sasha

"Just like you, I started looking for him. I don't know from where, but I felt that he was near. I know he's nearby, I know he's in town, but I don't know where. I am grateful to you for everything, but I do not need your care. "

She moved away from Sasha and sat down on the floor, patting in front of her. Sasha immediately sat down opposite her.

"I want you to tell me everything you know. Maybe if you combine your knowledge with mine, we can learn something new. "

Sasha nodded like a dummy, then began to tell.


[ PSHHH ! ]

Meanwhile, in the secret room in front of Adam, the peeping mirror disappeared. He stared into the void for a while, after which his gaze regained reason.

He got up silently, went to the window and opened it, breathing in the cold air.

He looked at the distant moon and said what was on his tongue.

"What the fuck. "

Three people changed overnight. The two friends strengthened their bond while the third person began to doubt his beliefs. And only the bright Moon illuminated them with its light, imperceptibly scanning them for entry into the database.

They were discovered by the enemy, but they didn't even notice it themselves. "Darkness" noticed their presence and began to prepare..