Amnesiac Super Fighter Book

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Amnesiac Super Fighter


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Her name is unknown… her identity… mysterious… With no name and background, she steps into the world like a newborn infant. However, she was not able to explore this new world freely as people suddenly began chasing after her and trying to kill her for no apparent reason. Accuse of being a criminal? She suddenly found herself in a pinch in every turn. Everything was in chaos… But what’s this?... Her suit is actually a shape-shifting computer? Why are these people trying to hurt her? Well, she discovered that she can fight and defend herself really well. She can even take down men twice her size. Is she a soldier? Well, possibly… Her learning curve is really superb! Photographic memory it seems. Because of her abilities, it made her question, who she really is? Why is it that she could not remember anything other than that night where she was desperately swimming out of the seawater? Through her adventure and misadventure in finding her true identity, she would soon realize the depths that shrouded her true nature and the clarity of the chaos she found herself in. The people who found her called her… Yun Rong. The people who want her dead called her Li Qin. Her real identity?… unknown. ***Please Vote, Rate, and comment**** Thank you!


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