1 Dianna

In a huge, grand and beautiful room located by the west wing of the castle, sat a porcelain beauty with jewelries of many kinds and worth adorn on her. A mild make-up so innocent and smooth, so much so that it reflected her inner self.

Gazing at the reflection at the lengthy mirror, she couldn't help but think about one thing. 'Isn't this supposed to be a day meant to be celebrated? Isn't this every girl's dream day?' And yet here she is, sulking and sobered up.

Her clear green eyes like pretty glaciers glittering at night, her waist long blonde hair and her small reddish lip, coupled with a final touch of a long oval face. All in all, she was a perfect ultra being.

Staring dully at her goddess-like features didn't even uplift her mood a little, she looked like she was about to cry and yet at the same time, look like she was trying hard enough to not let those crystal droplets of hers come trailing down her beautiful cheeks.

Life! What a mockery. Anytime she hears the word 'life' she couldn't help but laugh at herself, at her misery.

She's supposed to get married today. A union solely based on marriage sake. Her opinion wasn't even sought for during this decision. Now here she is, taking the bullet for another.

Alia Griffith, the second Princess of Alvonia and the favorite daughter of king Reid Griffith, was the one meant to be married off today. But by the rampant rumors going around about the supposed groom, Prince Owen Reynold, she was told to take the place of her sister, in a beautiful lie wrapped up to convince her to fall into the burning furnace with her own two legs.

All along she knew the truth, but she had no choice either. She knew if she didn't accept this she would later on be forced to do so. After all, she had experienced enough tragedy in her life so one more won't hurt right? She's pretty much used to it.

"Princess, they all are about to leave." Her maid, Melina rushed in announcing the department of the royal family.

Dianna broke out of her reverie upon the entrance of Merlina, she stared at the girl from the mirror with those lifeless eyes of hers.

As if seeing the torture in them, merlina strolled forward, placing a hand on her shoulder she said. "Princess, I know this isn't what you wanted, but sometimes something good might come out of something bad. Cheer up Princess, please." With a convincing smile, Merlina tried to lift her mood a little.

Dianna was silently gazing weakly at herself in the mirror like she could watch the story of her life being played out there for her. Now in this next journey how is it going to be? Already she has sworn never to let a single tear drop for anyone anymore. She is fed up to the point that even her tears have run dry from her eyelids.

"Princess." Merlina called out softly.

"I hear you Merlina." Dianna stood, her royal white gown flowing down revealing its charisma and beauty. "Let's go."

With that said, Merlina quickly went up to her, holding the length of the long gown as they both strolled out of the beautiful female room.

This may be the last time she will ever get to see this room again, but she doesn't care, she didn't even look back because what's left behind isn't some cherishable memories. They are either memories of her weeping in a corner or of her serving certain punishment that she did no wrong.

So somehow it was also quite a relief for her to be leaving such memories behind, a painful relief.

At the outside of the grand Griffith castle waited the king and his daughter, with other official escorts.

"Father, I still don't agree with this." Alia suddenly spoke up unhappily.

The king let out a sigh. "If it's still the same matter I don't want to hear about it, I have made my decision and it's final." King Reid said, word for word.

"But father, this isn't fair, I am the one supposed to be married to the crown Prince of Gramovia, she's stealing my place." Alia whined with a sulking face.

"Let me ask you a question my dear daughter, this mysterious crown Prince of Gramovia we speak about, do you know him?"

Confused on why her father asked this, Alia hesitated before she answered. "Yes father, the whole kingdom knows him, Why?"

"Yes my dear, I agree with that, the whole kingdom knows him, but you are well aware of what he's known for right?"

Alia paused her speech, she seemed to have lost her words.

Yes the crown Prince they all talk about was rumored to be a brutal royal, ruthless in all his endeavors and in no way kind or merciful to anyone, anyone at all, not even his brothers.

Worst part is, no one has ever seen this crown Prince of Gramovia, not even once. He was said to be low key but the rumors surrounding him are not one to be joked about.

"Father is doing this for your good dear, I know you too want to get married to a prince, do not worry, father will seek the best one for you."

"There is no one better than the crown prince of Gramovia, father."

King Reid only sighed at his second daughter's stubbornness. He was about to say something when Dianna emerged from the castle.

Her extravagant look was enough to cause others to be green with envy. Just like now, Alia was going through absolute jealousy just by seeing Dianna in this form. Her beauty was undeniable.

"You look stunningly gorgeous Princess. Do you see the look on their faces, they are about to run mad if possible." Merlina whispered to Dianna with a giggle as they approached the rest, even so she was careful not to get caught.

"Father." Dianna bowed to him showing her greetings and respect.

The king showed no response and just turned around. "We are late for the ceremony." He got into the car and the door was bounced at her leaving her still in her bowing stance.

A small vicious smile escaped the lips of Alia as she strolled past Dianna and got into the same car as the king.

Merlina softly pulled Dianna up. "Don't mind them Princess, they just want to ruin this day for you. Don't be upset."

Dianna looked at Merlina with a small smile and shook her head softly at her, meaning 'it's nothing.'

What would she have done if she didn't have Merlina by her side to accompany her throughout this harsh life of hers. The only thing that will make her look back to this castle when she's gone is the person standing beside her right now, her companion. She's surely going to miss her a hell lot.

With a breath in and out, Dianna gazed at the castle for the last time— so she hoped, before getting into another car leaving Merlina waving as they departed from the Alvonia castle.

Now she's going to get married into another kingdom, another home, another family. If her own family couldn't accept her then is it her inlaws that will?

Once again, she smiled the smile of self mockery. Looks like here comes another rollercoaster ride of suffering that life has to offer her.

For the first time in years she let those tears fall again silently as she watched from the windows the beauty of their kingdom, swearing this will be the last time that she will ever shed a single tear for them again.