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Amidst The Pain


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Amidst the pain, can happiness still locates itself to a sad and broken life? A life longing for redemption and freedom from the brutality and judgement of the world? It seems in this role life played it might have ommited something very significant and crucial, the word royalty. Despite that heavy title one wield's, life will always remain life. Sparing no one from it's entrapment and clutches, giving them atleast one situation to regret ever being alive. Just like in the case of Dianna Griffith, The first princess of Alvonia. Though wielding the weighty tittle of the first princess of the kingdom, that respect was never given to her. She was only a princess in name. Even the maids of the castle were more respected than she was. Until came a day of the bethrotal promise to be fulfilled. A promised made by both the King of Alvonia and the king of Gramovia for power. The crown prince of Gramovia was to be married to the second daughter of king Reid Griffith immediately she turned 18. But bearing the rumors in mind that the crown prince, Prince Owen Reynold was a cold and ruthless royal to begin with, feared within and outside the country. The king started to have second thought for his favourite daughter. In her stead, he made a replacement with Dianna with the hope that he had finally gotten rid of her. What happens when Dianna finds herself in situation she never expected. “They say you are a monster.” “You heard right Princess." “....But you don't look like one to me." “Becareful of the fire you play with."


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