17 Flashback of Past life and current school life.

"Flashback of past life"

<General perspective>

Alex Garrison was a bright student; he secured 1st or 2nd rank in every year of his academic career, but the dark side was he never made friends in his academic life. Because of one incident, he stopped even trying to make friends. His academic career was colorful, but his social life was blank. But the one thing he admired the most was his parents, even if he didn't have them.

When he was in high school, someone put drugs in his bag. That day, the school committee was searching for the student who was selling drugs in the school. When they found drugs in Alex's bag, Alex was taken to the principal's office. Alex was an honor student, so the principal didn't believe it. They investigated the case, and after checking the classroom camera, they found the culprit. He was arrested for his crime. As he was a minor, they didn't punish him heavily, but he got a nickname "drug dealer."

His father was a politician named Yoko. After his son got arrested, he tried many ways to remove the charges, but it didn't work. After that, Yoko found out that Alex was the student involved in this case. When he was drunk, he got inside Alex's rented apartment by bribing the security guard. When Alex saw the strange man with a stick in his hand, Alex called 911. But before the police got there to help Alex, Yoko started slapping Alex, and Alex was fighting back while Yoko criticized him as an orphan and blamed him for destroying her son's career. After 10 minutes, the police arrested Yoko and the security guard, while Alex was sent to the hospital for treatment. Alex didn't suffer much physically that day, but he got a mental trauma. When other parents criticized Alex, his past memories of that incident started to resurface.

After that incident, Alex's academic life became brighter as he stopped interacting with anyone. However, his school social life was blank. After he got a job in a car company as an engineer, his social life became colorful again as he got over that incident. He started making friends at work or in daily life. He even got hobbies.

"Flashback Ends"

"Flashback of current school life"

Ava was 13 years old when a guy named Mark from the 11th grade tried to make fun of how she looked like a tomboy. But Ava ignored him and walked away because she was having her first period. As Ava ignored him in front of his friends, he tried to stop Ava, but Ava gave him a judo slam on the school compound, which broke his wrist bones and fingers. After that, Ava's parents were called into the principal's office. Mark's parents apologized to Ava for his misbehavior, but Ava still paid the necessary medical compensation and also paid extra for the pain she caused. Ava was not at fault, but she felt guilty as she broke someone's bones just because he called her a tomboy and tried to stop her.

After two months of the whole incident, Mark got healed and started playing football again, but Ava was different as she was known as a mysterious, crazy demon. Mysterious because she only appeared on exam days after that.

After being reborn as a female, Ava started to feel that her emotions had grown, and sometimes she would overreact to certain situations. During her periods, Ava became even more emotional. Periods were one thing Ava hated the most because of the pain they caused. After her first period, Ava spent a whole month making medicine to completely neutralize period pain. She released it to the public through a newly founded company, Roses Pharmaceuticals. She didn't patent it, as it was for all women who go through period pain. The medicine became famous through word of mouth publicity.

"Flashback Ends"


<General perspective>

Dunphy house.

After Ava left the Dunphy house, Claire started to feel guilty as she knew Ava heard everything. Claire looked at Phil, "Why didn't you tell me?"

Phil replied with a sigh, "I didn't see her myself."

Claire said while looking at Phil, "I shouldn't have said that about her."

Phil hugged Claire and said, "Well, we can apologize to her for this."

Claire said as she calmed down, "We can invite her to dinner, and then apologize."

Phil smiled and replied, "Now that sounds like a plan."

Alex was on the stairs the whole time as she knew the whole drama that happened. Alex was in her own thoughts, 'Mom called Ava a tomboy. She will not do anything to Mom, as Haley is now Ava's girlfriend.'

Alex muttered, "should I tell Haley about this."


Ava stood in front of her family house in Beverly Hills, pondering how to explain to Melissa that she had hired Haley as her girlfriend, despite Haley's parents not even liking her as a friend.

As Mila Kunis was driving back to her home, she spotted Ava waiting in front of her own house. Mila stopped the car near Ava and asked, "Ava, what are you doing standing in front of your own house?"

Ava smiled at Mila and said, "Well, I need advice. Can you give me some?"

Mila nodded, "Get in the car, my tomboy."

Ava replied, "Aye aye, captain."

After that, both were sitting on the sofa. Mila asked while mimicking a church father, "What kind of advice do you need, my child?"

Ava played her part, "Priest Mila, I have committed a sin. I lied to my mother."

Mila stopped the act, and Ava started explaining the whole story from the start. After explaining everything, Ava looked at Mila.

Mila asked, "So, you want to know what to do next, right?"

Ava replied, "Yes."

Mila said, while rubbing Ava's head, "You should confess it to your mother. I know it's not easy for you, but you can't lie to her your whole life."

Ava nodded heavily. As Ava was about to leave, Mila asked, "Do you want me to help you say it?" Ava nodded, as it's her first time confessing her lie to someone she holds dearly.

Mila smile and said, "then you own me one, my tomboy."

After they both walked towards Ava's house, they got near the door. Mila turned around, and as Ava saw that, she asked, "Mila, where are you going?" Mila tilted her head and said, "Well, I don't think I can support you."

Ava held Mila's hand and said, "But you said you would help me."

Mila replied, "I know, Ava, I don't want to see her angry."

Ava asked while making a cute face, "Are you going to leave me like this?"

Mila sighed and replied, "You're using my weakness against me, but you won. I will support you."

"Who are you going to support, Mila?" a voice came from the door.

"Of course, Ava..." Mila stopped when she saw Melissa standing in front of the door. Ava froze in her place.

To be Continued.....

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