2 (Rewrite)Three wishes and New life.

<General perspective>


"So, what will you do about this matter?" Emis frowned upon hearing the voice.

"Father," she replied nervously.

"Yes, your father," a man in his 30s asked. "Emisa, do you think your father is stupid or something?"

"No, father," Emis replied.

"Then why do you think you can hide this blunder from me?" the man continued, his tone stern.

Emis lowered her head.

"Now, what's done is done. Both you and that truck will be punished for your mistakes. Do you have anything to say?" the man questioned.

"No, father," Emis replied quietly.

"You will be grounded in heaven for 50 years, and that truck is dismissed from working for 50 years," the man decreed.

As he completed his sentence, Emis disappeared from the room. The man then turned to Elle, "Elle, summon that man's soul here."


Mc's Perspective:

As I floated in the black void for a few minutes, pondering my predicament after that foolish goddess threw me here, a bright light suddenly flashed before my eyes. I found myself in the same white room, facing another man and a woman standing beside that foolish goddess.

I asked sarcastically, "So, am I dead again?"

"No, human. I summoned you to apologize for my daughter's mistakes," the man replied.

'Daughter? So, he is the father of that goddess, and he's apologizing to me. He doesn't seem to be a bad guy,' I thought to myself.

"It's okay, sir. It's your fault anyway," I replied.

The god interrupted, "So be it. As compensation for your death and the curse that my daughter put on you, I will give you two extra wishes, plus one that everyone gets."

'Two extra wishes, that's great.'

"So, can I ask for anything?" I inquired.

"Yes, but no unlimited wishes, no system, and no supernatural powers because the world you are reincarnated into is a normal movie world without anything supernatural," the god clarified.

"Then can I change my gender?" I asked.

"No, because the curse my daughter placed on you can't be removed," the god replied.

God continued, "Even if I were to remove it, it would damage your soul, which is not ideal."

"Let me think for a minute," I requested.

Ten minutes later, I made my decisions.

"My first wish is the talent and mind of Tony Stark," I stated.

"Granted," the god responded.

"My second wish is total recall of my past memories," I continued.

"Granted," the god affirmed.

"And my last wish is the ability from the manhwa 'Sweet Guy' without any side effects and perfect control over it," I concluded.

The god interrupted, "I get it. I will grant it."

"God, I want to ask if there will be only one movie or TV show in the world in which I will reincarnate?" I questioned.

"No, there will be a random number of movies and TV shows in that world," the god replied.

"Also, God, I want my memories one year after birth and the last ability when I turn 15," I added.

"Okay, I will make an exception," the god agreed.

As the god continued, "I wish you a happy life."

"Thanks," I replied.

I was once again sucked into a portal, but this time everything turned dark.


General Perspective:

Inside the white room after Alex was gone, the god turned to Elle, "You can go now."

As Elle disappeared, the god sighed. "When will she grow? She created a blunder on the first day."

Continuing, the god thought, "His last wish, I felt there was a catch in it, but what he said was true. Anyway, that universe doesn't have any god. Even then, I don't have to worry about it as he can't destroy it."


Mc's Perspective:

In the vast expanse of darkness, I finally felt some traces of light around. Oh, it was too blinding. I closed my eyes and tried to open them slowly. There, I saw a very beautiful woman in her mid-20s, probably. I felt a connection with her. She had brown hair and brown eyes, and she looked at me very lovingly, with warmth in her eyes.

From the way she looked at me, I knew she was my mother. I never had parents in my past life, but in this life, it was different. I couldn't be a normal child for them, but at least I could give them the memories they deserved.

"Is my baby hungry?" she said with a smile.

My vocal cords weren't well-developed yet, but still, I tried to speak while touching her face.

"Mama," I managed to say.

She was astonished by the words, her eyes turning moist as she exclaimed, "Kevin, she called me 'mama'!"

As she spoke, I heard a loud noise of someone running in the hallway. I saw a man with blue eyes and a light brown beard standing at the door. He walked towards us, lifting me in his arms and looking at me lovingly, just like my mother.

"Sweetie, say da-da," he said with a smile.

I replied with a smile, "Dad."

Dad held me above his head, saying, "See that, Melissa? She called me 'dad'!"

My mom took me from my dad's arms, saying, "So what if she called me 'mama' first? I won the bet. You have to do the dishes for six months."

My dad replied with a defeated yet joyful expression, "Okay, you won. But let me play with her sometime."

My mom rejected him, "No, tomorrow is her birthday party, so she needs to sleep."

"Okay, I got it," my dad sighed as he left.

Mom put me on the bed, saying, "So, sweetie, you have to sleep now. Tomorrow is a big day."

"Goodnight," I murmured as she kissed my forehead.

To be Continued....

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