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I made my first friend; his name is Allen Connors. We always meet during summer vacation. He is the same age as me. We're like buddies, whenever we have free time.You can find us on the beach checking out girls and rating them privately otherwise we would be in jail for harassment. He doesn't treat me like a girl because he doesn't see me as one, which was one of the reasons we became friends. He had a girlfriend, and she is really cute. Just to experiment, I saw him naked, to see if I had any attraction towards males, but I was happy I didn't have any kind of reaction to it. It was like I was in my past life. When I told my parents about it, they accepted it, but it took them a few days to process and fully accept it. Then I told Mom about Allen and him being my friend. But Mom doesn't see him as my friend because he is my cousin.

The user on DiGiLog grew from 20 thousand to 4 million users. I then decided to appoint staff and a CEO for the company. Finding the perfect CEO took time, but after a series of interviews, I finally found one, Anna McKay. She is 28 years old and holds a master's degree in business administration and human resource management. Additionally, I developed an AI to assist the staff and management.

When Facebook made an offer to acquire my company, I politely declined, sparking a rivalry between two future social media giants.

At 14, I bought a bankrupt car company for $37 million with the help of my dad's friend. After reorganizing the company and setting up new management, I transformed it into a supercar company named Apex, a subsidiary of Roses. I designed the company's first supercar, a blend of Bugatti Chiron and Porsche 911, featuring an electric motor made from scratch with top-quality materials. Its outer body was constructed from graphene and carbon fiber, and it could reach 264 miles per hour in a minute. However, only 10 could be produced in a year if I wasn't present during manufacturing.

After three months of patenting and reorganization, we decided to launch the car, but to showcase its power, I needed a driver. After a few weeks of searching, I found Ansel Elgort, also known as Baby from "Baby Driver," who was 20 years old at the time and not involved in any heists. I offered him a role as the brand ambassador of my car company with a starting salary of $150,000 per month, which would increase as the company grew. Due to his tinnitus, he preferred not to speak, so his girlfriend handled all the negotiations in the contract. The three of us became close friends, and they relocated from Atlanta to Los Angeles, even purchasing a house in my neighborhood.

For the car introduction, I enlisted Steve Jobs, one of my first few friends and the perfect person for the job. Contrary to the original world, Jobs did not pass away in 2010 because in 2008, I anonymously informed him via email about the possibility of having cancer, prompting him to undergo tests. Fortunately, it was detected at an early stage and successfully treated. Some might view me as a great person, but it's simply that I didn't want my money-making machine or my friend to perish.

When I approached Steve Jobs to be the promoter of my company's supercar, he asked if he could buy shares in Roses Incorporated before it went public. For his services, I offered him 10% of shares valued at $20 million before the company went public, which he accepted, knowing its value.

After announcing that Steve Jobs would host the car's media launch, there was surprise as people didn't expect him to promote something not owned by Apple.

At the launch event organized by my company, the Apex S1 was on stage with Steve Jobs standing beside it.

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At the event, Steve Jobs introduced the features of the car and showed a video of Ansel Elgort (Baby) driving it on the Pan American Highway at a top speed of 492 km/h. After Steve announced that the car works on an electric motor and highlighted its features, attendees were shocked that an electric vehicle could reach such speeds and travel 600 km on one charge.

After introducing all the features, he announced that the price of this car would be $2 million, with only 10 available per year. Within ten days of the launch, all the Apex S1 cars were booked, including one by Steve himself.

Roses Incorporation became an interesting topic in the business world as it owned DiGiLog, DiGiBook, and Apex cars. However, the owner of Roses Incorporation, who owns 64% shares in the company, remained a mystery in the media. They only knew that Steve Jobs owned 10%, while some other financial institutes owned 26% of the shares in Roses Incorporation.

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