American TV Series: Starting with Sheldon

Traveling through the world of American TV series, I gained a system for picking up attributes. At this point, the "protagonists" in American dramas have become good "leeks". Mike: Your king is coming! [Chapter Schedule: 1or2/Day] This is a translation of the fanfic

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Chapter 1 The Road to Transferring Schools

A dilapidated small white RV was slowly moving forward on a rugged road.

Perhaps due to its age, this small RV, suitable for family travel, was playing a symphony of "squeaking" at this time.

This movement leaves no doubt that this little car could break down at any time.

The driver of the RV was a white man in his forties. He was dressed in an official uniform and had a social welfare institution badge hanging on his chest.

In bold font, in the middle of the work badge, it says [Dennis Smith].

"Mike, it's almost noon. Do you want to stop for something to eat?" Dennis, a middle-aged man, held the steering wheel with one hand and asked sideways.

"Then take a rest. You have been driving for more than ten hours. I am really afraid that you will accidentally lead us into the ditch." A young voice came from the back seat of the car.

This RV set out from the Minnesota town of St. Paul, and its destination was Telford, Texas.

The distance between the two places is neither far nor close. You can drive back and forth in three or four days.

The RV that Mike was traveling in set off from Minnesota at noon yesterday.

"Ha~, you are Mike Quinn (king/king). How can the fearless Quinn still be afraid?" Dennis complained in an exaggerated tone while laughing, but he honestly pulled the car over and stopped.

It is mid-summer in August, the hottest time of the year.

Dennis opened the car door, faced the breeze blowing in the distance, wiped the sweat on his head, and said, "This shabby car, the air conditioner is broken, it should be thrown into the garbage dump long ago!"

"Then you should apply for funds from the guild... ..." A teenager, holding a huge travel bag in his hand, got out of the back of the RV.

"Go on, Dennis~" Mike threw the black travel bag to the middle-aged man.

"Hey, you don't know how to be a guest..." Dennis hurriedly caught the travel bag, and when he saw the young man getting back into the car, he could only shake his head helplessly.

After a while, the boy came out holding a wide-brimmed cowboy hat in one hand and a blanket in the other.

Looking at the deserted wilderness, the young man pointed to a bald cypress tree not far away and said, "Let's go there to rest~"


Putting on a blanket, the two of them sat under the tree.

Mike took the travel bag again and took out a variety of food from it: giant hamburgers, giant hot dogs, big farm apples...

and of course, two bottles of St. Arnold beer.

Dennis took a bottle of beer, clinked it with Mike, and asked, "If I remember correctly, you're not sixteen yet, right?"

"Well, to be precise, I won't turn sixteen for another half a year." Mike replied as he took a sip of beer.

Of course, Millican always uses fictitious years to keep track of years, starting from his father.

So, technically speaking, Mike is now only fourteen and a half years old.

"Uh~ Okay. Boy, remember, don't mention it to anyone in the future. You and I drank together." Dennis tugged on his tie at the front of his clothes irritably, and then took a big sip of beer.

The legal drinking age in the United States is twenty-one years old. Although Texas has relaxed the policy due to regional laws, you still have to be eighteen years old to drink.

If anyone knew that Dennis, a public official in the welfare home, had a drink with Mike, he would be prosecuted by the local court.

Mike naturally knew the stakes. He smiled and said, "Don't talk about such trivial matters anymore. I just want to know now, Uncle Dennis, why don't you take off that ugly coat on such a hot day?

Dennis, who is over forty, has already put on weight, has a big beer belly, and has a piece of the Mediterranean Sea on his head. 

The slightly tight black official uniform didn't look good on him.

According to Mike's previous memories, Dennis had this old-fashioned style as early as three or four years ago.

"What does a little kid know? As a public official, I have to maintain my 'respectability' at all times." Dennis took a sip of beer and said melancholy.

"Tch, the meaningless 'superiority' of middle-aged people is really pitiful!" Mike said venomously.

"Hey, you kid is getting more and more venomous. If it weren't for your cuteness, I would have beaten you up." Dennis laughed and cursed, and waved his arms meaninglessly to show his strength.

"Dennis, I'm not telling you... look carefully, your grammar just now must be wrong." Mike raised his eyebrows, fiddled with his hair, and showed a shining smile.

Mike, who is fifteen years old, is nearly 1.8 meters tall, and the childish look on his face is gradually fading away.

With his smooth jawline and regular facial features, Mike has an appearance that is not inferior to that of the young Leonardo DiCaprio.

"Okay, okay. 'Cute' doesn't really suit you anymore. You are also a 'handsome' young man now." Dennis had a speechless expression, and then Dennis counterattacked: "How about you not be like this? 'Handsome', Jennifer will not find a junior like you..."

As soon as the words came out, Dennis secretly said something bad and quickly apologized: "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have mentioned her."

Mike didn't react as violently as Dennis thought, He said calmly: "It doesn't matter, no one would have imagined that something like that would happen."

Jennifer, devil, sacrifice...

these words have become a taboo in a small town in Minnesota.

The original Mike Quinn had actually been killed by that beautiful senior sister.

And the re-resurrected Mike, after many calculations, intentionally or unintentionally, killed his senior sister Jennifer outside the abyss altar on a dark and windy night, and her body was also thrown into the abyss.

When a person dies, the light goes out, and all grievances and grudges disappear.

Mike's act of 'revenge' was done secretly and the matter was handled cleanly. Naturally, no one discovered any subsequent problems.

What Mike didn't expect was that although Jennifer 'disappeared', her impact was still huge.

In order to calm the matter down, the local seniors considered it many times and finally 'dissuaded' all relevant people like Mike from leaving.

Mike was an orphan and had the inheritance rights of a small farm in his name. Originally, he could live a stable life even if he did not continue to go to school.

However, I don't know what Mike's dead parents thought back then.

If Mike wants to receive their inheritance and fixed monthly living expenses, he needs to meet these two requirements: graduate from high school and be over 18 years old.

For the sake of life, Mike had to bow his head, and with the help of the local welfare institution, he embarked on this 'transfer' journey.

As for why he went to the small town of Telford, Texas, Mike Goo knew that there was an

 old man named Connie there who had some relationship with his late grandmother and was willing to accept him as an 'unlucky guy.'

"Mike, I've already asked about it. Ms. Connie is very nice. If you go to her place, you can just start a new life." Dennis patted Mike on the shoulder, sighed slightly, and comforted: "I believe it. Everything will be fine with you~"

In fact, in Dennis' heart, Mike was just a child.

Moreover, the other party is an orphan, and now he has to leave his hometown, which makes people feel uneasy.

(End of chapter)