Amalgam Universe Beast Boy

This book will be LOOSELY based on Amalgam Comics. An old combination of DC and Marvel with a few more things added for my enjoyment. A 36 year old Garfield Logan is a military veteran working a Museum security job. A robbery goes wrong and our story begins. He finds himself in a different body and wouldn’t you know it he doesn't just have to worry about a big purple nut chinned simp that wants to kill 50% of all living things to impress his crush, Death (Balance my A&&). But he also has to worry about an Anti Lifer whose look really can kill. Seriously Darkseid, take up a hobby, learn to paint with more than the blood of the innocent. Set up an adoption agency for abused space animals and retired Paradeamon’s. Something, just leave Earth alone. This is my first time writing and I am doing it for my enjoyment. Will look forward to comments and constructive criticism but complaints will have a better chance of getting to me of you scream them out your window and I happen to be walking by at that time. My greatest hope is that this story will inspire someone else to write a story I will enjoy. Going to shoot for daily release but I have to work to do the things I enjoy so we will see. I don’t own the Pic’s or the Original Characters concepts. Also I accidently placed this in Novel instead of FanFic so moved it. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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132 Chs

Test Results

After J'onn left I just sat there in emotional turmoil. Just watching the memory was torture and I don't want to begin to think what it was like for J'onn to relive that moment.

What is J'onn to me? Maybe after this session of sharing it's not the best time to think about it but I have to figure it out eventually.

The quick bits I got from the scientist Mido said I was a clone of Garfield Logan combined with blood from J'onn J'onzz.

I don't get a father figure feel from him and I'm 36 years old, so I don't think I really want another father out of respect for my stepfather if nothing else.

Well, I guess I am still young by Martian standards but for all I know I'm in my twilight years as a clone. If I treat it like a comic, then naturally there will be issues with my lifespan and such. Man, I hope not, that's so cliché.

For all my jokes with Gar original I don't see him or M'gann as anything more than cousins, I guess. Not close enough for siblings but there is a blood connection.

Saying out loud, "Well Morph my friend that was a lot to process, any advice?" Morph just tilts his head and looks at me.

"What about you Devilbat, Got any advice?" I asked the room. Not sure if he really is listening but if he is it would be funny.

Deciding I would let my mind just process everything for now I did some mental exorcise routines I thought of and then went to bed.

The next morning, I woke up and was happy to find daily necessities like a toothbrush and paste in the bathroom. After a shower I put on the clothes from yesterday and made my way to the cafeteria by memory.

Getting a large helping I decided I would get back into my routine of large breakfast and lunch with just a small dinner. I fell into this habit because of a soldier I served with convincing me that having a huge dinner was dumb because it's the meal closest to sleep and the point of least activity for the body.

At face value it made sense, so I just started doing that meal schedule. Ironically though I'm not really hungry, I wonder if my metabolism is different from normal.

Once I was done eating, I deposited my tray and headed to the medical room I went to last night with J'onn.

Once I got there, I saw J'onn and Dr. Nelson talking. "Hey Dr. Fang, how's it going this morning? Got any news for me?"

J'onn spoke first "Dr. Fang? Ahh, I see you are still going with the vampire metaphor for him drawing blood last night."

Dr. Nelson, "Hey kid, what kept you? I figured you would be here first thing."

Smiling I say, "Good news or Bad news is always better with a full stomach."

Smiling Kent says, "Well first off you can take the signal blocker off. They were using a short life radiation that was in your blood, but it has worked its way through your system by now so no worries there."

Frowning I say, "Radiation is rarely harmless, is there any damage to my cells because of it?"

Kents reply made me feel better. "No lasting damage, your cells are normal. Well normal for you I believe. "

Grabbing a folder, he says "The biggest reveal is that so far as I can tell your cells are still forming in excess. I believe your morphing occurs at the cellular level much like the Martians ability but yours is faster to change than even J'onn's here."

Turning the page, "Your DNA Is defiantly predominately Martian with Human base but several markers are misplaced. As you know DNA is made of adenine, thymine, guanine and cytosine surrounded by a phosphate backbone. Yours also has some unidentified markers shared with Martians but the weird thing is that some are outside of the phosphate backbone. Almost like they are lined up but waiting to enter the DNA strand."

"Yeah, I knew that. You didn't have to go over the basics of DNA." I said it so unconvincingly that even J'onn knew I was full of shit.

Clearing my throat in embarrassment. "So, am I going to turn into a puddle of seawater soon or did the scientists that put me together use the good Gorilla glue?"

Dr Nelson looked at me, "No, it looks like you are stable and don't have to worry about something like that. But I still plan to send some samples to some people I trust and get more opinions."

I smile, "Well doc just keep it to people you trust, I know its contradictory, but I don't want a bunch of clones of me running around."

Closing up the file, Kent said "I pronounce you fit enough to walk around until you feel bad. Then I recommend you come see me again."

"Well, that's a glowing endorsement. I am good until I am not. You sound like a military doctor through and through." I said.

Looking over at J'onn, "So you want to start with physical or mental workout first?"

After a brief pause, he replied "Let's go with physical first, then your body can rest while we do a mental exercise and inspection. You mentioned places you could not enter in your mindscape that intrigue and worry me."

"Lead the way sensei." I motion towards the door. "Thanks for the information, Doc" I say to Dr Nelson as we leave.

After an elevator ride and then walking a ways further, J'onn stops a set of double doors and waits for them to open. Once they do, we both walk in, and I look around.

At first it looks very much the same as any ordinary gym you would walk into on the street. I walked up to a bench-press and saw a control display that allowed you to pick the weight on the bar and it also had a setting for gravity. I raised my eyebrow and looked a J'onn

"The bar can weigh from 100 pounds to 200,000 pounds. The gravity control can go from earth normal at setting 1 or up to 100 times earth gravity. The gravity acts only on the bar so there is no stress on the surroundings." J'onn explained

He showed me other exorcise equipment and I really was surprised at how normal much of it was. His explanation was that many of the members were at their core human with powers and most of their attributes were normal. Many people just assumed that everyone in the League was all around super strong and fast.

All I could say was "Well people love the flashy stuff. Most don't realize that the more subtle the power the more dangerous it can be."

J'onn stared at me "Your thought process is very interesting. You said your world didn't have super powered individuals, but you seem to know more about them than many people who live with such people daily."

Thinking for a moment my reply even surprises me "Well J'onn, when you have a world with no people with powers you have authors with imagination that love to write about impossible things."

"Writing about a teen that awakens powers that set them apart from their peers and lets them do so many extraordinary things or finding a key to a suit of power that helps them do the imposable but only if they are pure of heart, are great reads to pass the time."

Pausing for a moment "Then you have a fanbase in my world that the hero was only as good as his nemesis. They don't deal in absolutes so much, as they like villains that are relatable. An evil boss that is pure evil is only as good as he is strong, once beaten he is boring."

"A Villain that turned to villainy because of outside factors such as revenge for real crimes done against them, those are the ones that these fans like the most because they can relate in some ways."

"Finally, you have the authors that like nothing more than to build up a hero and then just watch and wait for the perfect time for them to fail. Some people like nothing more than seeing a hero who they held so high in regard fall to their level or lower. Sometimes to be built up better and other times to stay broken forever." Still lost in thought I go on.

"I was an avid reader of such books, when I was deployed and had down time, I would read just to get my mind off the stinging sand and the smell of 60 porta potties in 115-degree heat used by 400 solders just 50ft from the tent I was in. You would be amazed at how quickly a book would make its rounds in the camp."

Stopping there I say "Why does it seem like I'm always preaching to you sir? Every conversation we get into I feel like an author doing an information dump. Or a point of view soapbox speech."