Amalgam Universe Beast Boy

This book will be LOOSELY based on Amalgam Comics. An old combination of DC and Marvel with a few more things added for my enjoyment. A 36 year old Garfield Logan is a military veteran working a Museum security job. A robbery goes wrong and our story begins. He finds himself in a different body and wouldn’t you know it he doesn't just have to worry about a big purple nut chinned simp that wants to kill 50% of all living things to impress his crush, Death (Balance my A&&). But he also has to worry about an Anti Lifer whose look really can kill. Seriously Darkseid, take up a hobby, learn to paint with more than the blood of the innocent. Set up an adoption agency for abused space animals and retired Paradeamon’s. Something, just leave Earth alone. This is my first time writing and I am doing it for my enjoyment. Will look forward to comments and constructive criticism but complaints will have a better chance of getting to me of you scream them out your window and I happen to be walking by at that time. My greatest hope is that this story will inspire someone else to write a story I will enjoy. Going to shoot for daily release but I have to work to do the things I enjoy so we will see. I don’t own the Pic’s or the Original Characters concepts. Also I accidently placed this in Novel instead of FanFic so moved it. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Malamber · Anime & Comics
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132 Chs

A Family I Would Conquer the World For

After my story J'onn just sat in silence for a short time, not speaking, just absorbing the information Gar gave him.

"You have shared an emotional story with me, so allow me to do the same. Maybe this will also give you a view of your Martian heritage as well."

"As you know, my name is J'onn J'onzz and I am from M'arzz, the planet humans call Mars. My people have a small population of around 2 million and live below ground for the most part. We consist of Red, Green, White and Yellow Martians."

"The majority are G'arrunn or Green Martians, and the minority are the A'ashenn or White Martians. The B'lahdenn or Red are the ruling class, and the Y'ellonn or Yellow are the Priesthood, the keepers of tradition and knowledge."

When he paused, I asked a question quickly, "What does skin color matter to those that can shift their shape and color as they please?"

"When you are born, your mind presents a color, and it matches the skin tone you are born with. To those that can read minds as my race can, there is a color to the thought patterns. That is why the shape holds no identity to my race, but the mind does."

"This does not hold true to the Yellow Martians though. Their color is chosen and once taken through ritual they lose the ability to change shape again. That sacrifice is respected no matter the original color of the individual, as you give up a great power only to take on great responsibility."

"I was born with a twin brother named Ma'alefa'ak. Twins are extraordinarily rare for my race, and we were both considered strange and somewhat shunned. We were blessed with extraordinary powers of faster than normal shifting and powerful minds that shared a connection and, in some ways, we could borrow each other's strength when needed."

"I worked hard to gain approval and sought the role of Manhunter, your equivalent would be 'policeman' I believe. Ma'alefa'ak however turned bitter and angry at his ostracizing, he turned to rebellious and dishonest ways."

"My Manhunter training allowed me to easily change my molecular structure to phase through objects or make my body very dense to increase my strength. It also increased my already formidable mind along with a few other benefits."

"Ma'alefa'ak never went too far in his shady dealing to insure we didn't have to come to blows, but he was very unhappy with the choices I made limiting him as he saw it."

"In time, I met her…. She was named M'yri'ah and she lit up my world in ways I had never before dreamed. In her presence I did not feel like I had to prove anything more than that I loved her with all my being, and she returned my feelings."

"We actually met by me detaining her at a protest for equality for the White Martians who are the lowest class of Martian. She was so full of righteousness and purpose, however she did not show proper restraint by arguing with the Red Martians. She appeared at every rally in support of equality and eventually we connected."

"It was shortly after taking her as my mate that Ma'alefa'ak started to change his ways as well and was the brother I remembered from our childhood. Just a few years later in the height of my happiness I was blessed yet again with a daughter. We named her K'hym and she was rebellious, loving, naughty, caring, energetic and beautiful. She tried my patience to the limit and laughed her way through my heart easier than any wall I could walk through."

"To put it in human terms I was wrapped around her finger and at her capricious mercy. It was a better life than I had ever dreamed about. A family I would conquer the world for."

Sitting across from J'onn was two pair of eyes watching him as he seemed to glow with happiness as he talked about his family. Morph hummed in happiness as he listened to the recounting, but I knew tragedy was coming.

"The only dark spot was Ma'alefa'ak had started to shield portions of his mind from us. This was very rare in our race and of great concern to me. I contemplated leaving the Manhunter's thinking that was the reason for his actions. It would be a waste of my hard work, but family meant so much more to me than that."

"I went to my brother's living quarters to talk with him and inform him that I would leave the Manhunter's so this unnatural shielding would not continue around my daughter, but I would not allow her to see his deeds as an example of proper living."

"When I got there, he was not present. I noticed that there were several items such as a few of K'hym's toys she lost and other semi personal items M'yri'ah had assumed she misplaced. I collected the items and returned home to discuss this with M'yri'ah."

"I did not find my mate or my child at home, so I searched with my mind and found them in the deep caves asleep. I noticed Ma'alefa'ak nearby, but he wouldn't respond to my queries. Finally, it dawned on me that something was very wrong."

"I rushed to where I felt their presence but just as I came into view of them, I hit a clear shield blocking my path. I tried to phase through it, but I couldn't as it changed frequencies too quickly. M'yri'ah and K'hym were suspended above a flow of lava, their bodies limp."

At this point J'onn stopped talking and he just allowed his memory to play in my head with Morph sharing along.

Quickly looking around the cavern they were in I saw Ma'alefa'ak and another Martian, it was a white Martian named Pa'rodi'n. I had apprehended him previously on charges of experimenting without council approval. He was trying to move objects through tears in space. But that was deemed unnecessary for the Martian race and could bring trouble to our stability.

"BROTHER, what are you doing? Release my mate and child and explain yourself. They are too close to the fire bring them down now!" J'onn begged

Ma'alefa'ak looked at his brother, "If you try to phase through the floor or walls, I will drop them."

In a panicked voice I ask "Why are you doing this? They are your FAMILY, your sister-in-law and niece. WHY!!!"

Screaming, Ma'alefa'ak says "They should have been YOUR sister-in-law and niece, not mine. They should have BEEN MINE! They WILL be mine."

Continuing to yell, Ma'alefa'ak says. "They will see you for the weaker of the two of us and accept me. Then you will go through the portal Ga'rodi'n created and leave us to be a happy family finally. This is your fault J'onn your mind was so full of love for M'yri'ah that I couldn't help but love her as well. But you were in my way. Then you had K'hym and made me even more in love with them."

"You were so blind to not have seen that I LOVE THEM MORE than you. When you saw that, you should have just left us to be happy." Ma'alefa'ak was raving now.

In a shocked whisper "You are mad brother. These are my feelings, not yours. Our minds are just too close. Let me take my family away and you will understand, you will be able to find your own family."

With anger in his eyes Ma'alefa'ak says, "No you will not take my family away just as I show them I am the better of us two. You just watch, see them choose me and despair as you leave in shame and loneliness."

Ma'alefa'ak begins waking my family, talking softly to them. "M'yri'ah, K'hym my dear's time to wake up. Waaake uuuup my lovely ones."

I watched terrified as they began to stir, "Brother, take them away from the fire, they will be frightened."

He snarls at me "Shut up, they will know I have them and will keep them safe. They have more faith in me than they would with you."

Not trusting his words, I attempt to place a telekinetic floor under them to ensure they couldn't fall but the shield in front of me wouldn't allow my powers past it. It must be like the prison shielding used to keep dangerous criminals. I punch the forcefield in frustration, as my family finally begins to stir. I try to reach out with my mind to reassure them but even that is blocked. My mind is like an animal in a cage desperately trying to get out.

The first to awaken is my daughter K'hym, and she screams seeing the flames below her.