Am I A Superman? Book

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Am I A Superman?


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Li Ya embarked on a journey across the United States with the goal of becoming a high school student in Kansas. However, along the way, something unexpected happened: Li Ya stumbled upon a friendship system. This peculiar system was designed to enhance the bonds of friendship by increasing a person's friendship value, which in turn granted them skill cards with corresponding abilities. Excitedly, Li Ya exclaimed, "I've acquired the power of flight from Superman, and the incredible speed of the Flash!" Scratching their head in confusion, Li Ya pondered, "But why did I get the superpower associated with being incredibly wealthy from Batman? And why did I receive Thor's power from a hammer?" Quickly realizing the oddity of the situation, Li Ya clarified, "Oh, I'm not singling anyone out! Here, in this place, we're all like family—brothers united!" ———— Ps this is just a translation for fun the book is owned non-other by the original author.


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