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What is Alpha

Read ‘Alpha’ Online for Free, written by the author The_Inkblotch, This book is a War&Military Novel, covering MYSTERY Fiction, BETRAYAL Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Following the overthrow of Alban Soto, the City struggles to recover from its former oppressive rule. These efforts are ...


Following the overthrow of Alban Soto, the City struggles to recover from its former oppressive rule. These efforts are challenges by a mysterious group known only by its Alpha sigil, who's acts of malice soon become deadly.

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[WARNING: THIS NOVEL IS R-18] He gently ran his fingers across her cheek and towards her neck while he snaked his hand around her waist and backed her against the wall, "And why would you think you could help me little one". "Y-Your Majesty it- it's a small ability I have, all you need to do is to show me the wound and I could help heal it" Alora managed to say despite her heart hammering inside her rib cage due to the close proximity of the prince. Interest flickered in those lifeless deep red eyes of his but it disappeared as soon as it appeared "Small ability you say" he said as he leaned in to replace his fingers on her neck with his nose as he took in the faint scent of Gardenia that lingered on her skin. Alora felt her heart had escaped from her chest as the man invaded her personal space, and she felt his nose on her skin as he inhaled, The next minute his deep chuckle resounded inside her ears as he pulled away, releasing her. "Don't go offering your help where it is not needed little one unless you might end up losing your life instead especially in a place where there is little of your kind" Asher said with his deep attractive voice , and Alora could hear the warning in his seemingly casual voice. Before she could answer him he turned around and went towards the Grand stairs at the center of the palace "Go back to your work little one" and his voice disappeared gradually as he assended the stairs of the castle. Accompany two creatures who are eager to have a stable life and love but the world is hell bent on causing chaos in their lives as they scale through all difficulties and achieve a peaceful life.

Twilightnova · Fantasy
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7 Chs


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