Alpha T Omega: The Book of Wars

Author: RoyalRed
Magical Realism
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What is Alpha T Omega: The Book of Wars

Read ‘Alpha T Omega: The Book of Wars’ Online for Free, written by the author RoyalRed, This book is a Magical Realism Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, ADVENTURE Light Novel, CULTIVATION Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: After a series of tragic events, a twelve year-old boy, named Ato, found the staff of Moses. The world will, thus, be re...


After a series of tragic events, a twelve year-old boy, named Ato, found the staff of Moses. The world will, thus, be reminded again that it's the most powerful weapon in the universe. This novel is an original story. Copyright 2020

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Wow! This is surprisingly an amazing story! The characters are really cool! The author gives a creatively original take on religious history and themes and nicely blends them with folk culture! Please update faster. Thanks!


A great book! Lve it. I am definitely a fan. I will look forward for the next chapters. Author I support you.! Keep up the good work.fighting! 😍🤩🤩🤩🤩


I give this novel a perfect rating because i'm really enjoying while writing the stories in it! And even I re-read it, I do not cease being thrilled by each of the chapter.😄👍😍


I am amazed of the story, truly a genuine fruit of wit and creative imagination! A great combination of tradition, science, magic, and religion! The powers of the main characters were incomparably fantastic! Great choice for teenage to ***** readers to enjoy!


This book is amazing, keep going!  Can't stop reading. Can't wait to see more. Do you have any social media that I can follow so I can know when you gonna update?


WOOHHH. This is awesome! Everything is just awesome! The action and fight scences! It's fast, intense, full of twists and surprises! THRILLING! Good job author! 😱👏🥳


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