9 Opening Beginner Package!

Evan delved deeper into the intricacies of the Player System, and his eyes widened with excitement.

The Player System was a masterful creation, carefully designed to help its Host reach greater heights.

By killing monsters and humans alike, Evan could earn valuable experience points that he could use to increase his level directly, breaking common sense. He could also obtain items like weapons and elixirs by exploring dungeons and completing quests.

Realizing that his system was similar to the one that all the players in the game had, Evan's jaw dropped.

This meant that the quests would be tailor-made for him, with the level of difficulty varying from easy to heroic. He could get a quest by initiating a fight or exploring a dungeon. The harder the quest, the better the reward, although there were instances when an easy-level quest could yield a substantial prize.

"I have lucked out!" he exclaimed.

Although he didn't know where the system came from, he was going to use it to his benefit.

[You have completed a hidden quest by comprehending the Player System]

[You have been rewarded with the Beginner Package!]

[Would you like to open it?]


"What are you waiting for? Do it!" Evan said.

The system immediately processed his quest.

[The Beginner Package has been opened!]

[You have received 1× low-level Soul Energy Manipulation Technique card, 1× Minor Skill Card, 1× low-level equipment card, five skills points, and a low-level inventory!]

Evan was familiar with most of these items, having played the game before. Although his memories were a bit jumbled up, he knew exactly what each item did.

The Soul Energy Manipulation Technique was an essential skill for any aspiring Soul Manipulator. It could be used to harness the soul energy present in nature and bend it to your will. Without this skill, it was impossible to accumulate soul energy in the soul pocket, and if the soul pocket was barren, one couldn't use soul abilities. Evan remembered how difficult it was to master this technique in his past life. It took a good few weeks of playing the game for one to two hours a day for Christian Wolfie to advance this technique to the max level.

The Minor Skill Card was another item that Evan was familiar with. It could be used to learn a low-level soul ability. There were three types of soul abilities—Offensive, Defensive, and auxiliary. Evan knew that he would have to choose carefully which ability to learn, as he only had one Minor Skill Card, and it would determine his future.

The low-level equipment card could be used to obtain a low-level weapon with a special effect, something that would come in handy during battles.

The five skill points were an unexpected bonus. It was quite difficult to get skill points in the game. A player had to level up twice to get one!

Lastly, the low-level inventory was a mystical storage space that lacked a tangible form. This meant that he could store items without having to carry them around physically. With a simple thought, he could pull any item out of the inventory, whether it be a weapon, a tool, or even a piece of armor. It was incredibly useful!

"Activate the Minor Skill Card," Evan instructed, his voice ringing out clearly in the stillness of the room.

The system processed his request immediately.

[The Minor skill card has been activated.

[Please choose the skill you would like to learn.]

Hundreds of cards materialized out of thin air, encircling Evan like a halo. He gazed at them in awe, his eyes scanning the cards in search of the one he had been hoping for. The skill he wanted to acquire was an offensive soul ability known as Bullet. It used to be a high-level soul ability in the first patch, but it had been downgraded to a low-level ability in the third patch.

If the Minor Skill Card were similar to the one players received in the third patch of the game, Bullet would be among the many cards that had appeared before him.

Evan searched through the countless cards with a hungry gaze.

Finally, he spotted it - the card he wanted was right in front of him.

His heart racing with excitement, he reached out and grabbed it, marveling at the smooth texture and intricate design.

As soon as his fingers touched the card, the system's voice rang out in his ears again.

[Congratulation! You have obtained the low-level Offensive Soul Ability Card, Bullet]

The card around him vanished into thin air.

[You haven't met the requirement to learn the offensive soul ability "Bullet"]

[The requirement to learn the skill are written on the back of the card]

Evan read the words on the back of the card, his brows furrowed in concentration as he absorbed the information.

Only one skill point was needed to learn Bullet in the first patch, but the requirements were changed in the third patch to balance the skill, and it just so happens that the requirement to learn the ability in his hand was the same as the one he had read about in the third patch!

A slow exhale escaped his lips as he realized what that meant. It couldn't be learned unless one had advanced their Soul Energy Manipulation Technique to the third level.

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