1 Save the Alpha!

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I moved my head grunting a little, fluttering my lashes rapidly I let the bright white light in the room blind me.

"Where am I?"

A hand gripped my shoulders and I heard the sobs of a familiar girl beside me, "Princess, You are awake! You had me worried!"

I turned to see Dandeline my personal maid sitting beside my hospital bed, her eyes swollen with all those tears, "how are you feeling!? Should I call the doctor?" She said panicking.

"No need Dandeline, I feel fine", I reassured whimpering as the stiffness from my deep slumber set into my muscles. "How long was I asleep?"

"One whole day Princess! you had me worried" She said as the waterfall in her eyes increased its flow, "What had happened? Why are you this injured!?"

I chuckled looking at how concerned she was of me, "I'll recover in no time Dandeline, but didn't I warn you not to call me princess here! No one knows about my identity in this village, and we are not to reveal that till our mission completes"

"Yes I-I am sorwwy", she said sniffing through her tears, "but princess...sorry Ma'am, how did you end up like this!? And...and why is there a silver chain around your ankle?"

Moving my ankle I finally felt the cold touch of metal, silver chains meant I won't be able to transform into my werewolf form! Also that I was probably being held as a prime suspect for what had happened in the forest a day ago.

I had recently come to this village called Winterwells, situated on the outskirts of our kingdom Adalopha, and joined the pack here disguised as an omega. Little did I know before I could even introduce myself to the entire pack, my luck would draw me into this compromising situation.

Closing my eyes I remembered the cold dark night, where this all started...


I was running through the woods as fast as I could alongside the pack, the moon was high up in the sky and the howls of the wolves running with me became louder and louder. We could tell the Alpha was in danger, I howled giving out a call which was responded by a faint whimpering howl that came from a distance; it was obvious the wolf who howled was gravely injured.

Picking up my pace I sprinting to the front line where the beta was running, making sure not to go ahead of him, as that would mean breaking the law that governs every werewolf pack. The Beta was a relatively vintage person when it came to his thoughts and principles, he was way older than the alpha and very strict when it came to rules.

As a human, he looked annoying with those antique glasses that would slide of his face from time to time, and always wore a slick hairstyle blattering about principles. But as a wolf! he was pure grey, tall, and a total feast for the eyes.

As we went closer to the call a sudden agonizing cry was heard, "The alpha!" I telecommunicated to everyone, "let's run fast he must be under attack!"

The beta looked at me bitterly and growled, "stay in your lane rookie! no one asked for a newbie's deduction skills" he looked at me threateningly, setting an example as a warning for others to not go ahead of him!

No one could go faster than him anyways, it was in every omega's blood to never defy the superiors. But the fact that he wasn't increasing his speed was a concern to me. 'Was he trying to let the alpha die!?' I thought to myself.

I was confused for a moment and he suddenly took a right turn. That was not where the voice came from! We heard the cry again, the call for help was so desperate this time.

'I'll face the law later!' I turned behind taking the left path, going alone towards the source of the noise.

"What are you doing rookie? Come back here, follow the beta!" I heard the entire pack call out to me but I didn't care, someone was in pain and probably breathing their last breath.

As I bolted going full speed in the direction of the call, the scent of our Alpha becoming more evident now mixed with the scent of blood. I ran through the woods ignoring the dampness of the terrain, and in desperation, I didn't realize I entered the no man's land!

Not long ahead the Alpha was lying on the ground in his human form, bleeding from serious injuries and losing out to his consciousness. There were carcasses of other wolves lying around him indicating a fierce battle that took place here and now he was fighting for his life!

"Alpha stay with me!" I telecommunicated, trying to pick him up so I could carry him on my back. Even if I was a princess in disguise, it was really hard for me to not respond to a call for help.

Just then I felt a sharp pain shoot up my leg as a pair of canines dug into my hind leg, I whimpered turning behind to see our Beta standing there with rage boiling in his eyes and his teeth red covered in my blood.

"I'm sorry Beta" I telecommunicated, "But our Alpha is on the brink of death! Let us take him back first and then you can punish me as you see fit by the law, I promise to take it without any complaints"

"Shut up!" he scorned standing to his full-length intimidating me with his eyes, "You ruined my plan! Who asked you to put your own brain to the matter?" He stepped close to me growling as I bent close to the ground cautiously, "Rookie, go back now! The Alpha is dead"

"But he is breathing!" I argued.

"He's dead! Get out of this foreign land before you create any more problems", Beta replied.

Why would he say that? I could see the Alpha breathing, fight for his life, asking for help! Why is the beta insisting so much of him being dead?

That's where it clicked me!

He wanted the Alpha dead all along! He took a different path before and now he wants to leave him here to die.

Rising I looked sternly in his eyes, "So you want to take this opportunity and become the Alpha of our pack! Leaving the alpha here to die, You are breaking a major law that you yourself hold so highly of. You have nothing but death waiting when we go back"

Standing in front of the Alpha I took a defensive stance, "I will save the alpha! And you will face the law!"

The Beta laughed at my gesture, "Yes I wish to take full advantage of this opportunity, and let me tell you the truth since you already stumbled upon it - I planned this all! I laid this trap for him because I want him gone for good! In the next few days when I become the Alpha, I will erase all the new laws this asshole introduced in the pack.

"He was never supposed to be an Alpha, I should have been Chosen! But this young blood was purer than mine. I'm just taking back what belonged to me in the first place!" The beta continued in a ridiculed tone, "Tell me newling, now that you know the truth, who are you going to tell this all to? Do you think they will take your word over mine? I'll tell you what I will do! When we head back I will report of YOU killing the alpha, and accuse you of being involved with our enemy village. Let me see you try and get out not guilty from that."

He was right! I just joined in yesterday and no one would believe me if I were to report this; But more important than all of that was the life of our Alpha right now! I will protect the Alpha with everything I have, even if that meant I die for the sake of another life. I thumped my front legs on the ground showing my resolve, I was ready to fight the Beta if necessary but I will save this life!

The beta was aggravated as he charged towards me shouting, "This is what happens when the old laws are compromised, dirty blood like you taint the pack! And then rebel against the authorities!"

He jumped with the intent of scratching me with his paws but I dodged it and before he could prepare for another hit, I pushed him away from where the Alpha was, standing again in a defensive stance protecting our Alpha.

"So you won't listen, I guess I have no choice but to kill you too!", raged the beta running towards me.

He pounced on me as we tumbled away, sitting on my back as I lay on the ground struggling to move him from over me.

Opening his mouth wide he bit my neck, digging his razor-sharp canines deep into my flesh. I winced in pain trying to break free, but his hold was strong. He tightened his grip stopping my movement, as blood dripped down forming a pool of red on the ground.

I quivered in pain and at the imminent fear of death!

Am I really going to die like this?

No! I must save the Alpha no matter what!

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