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Alright . I really love this one. Intriguing story from the start, stealing your attention as you go. I love the pace and the mystery of the story. Really good one, author.😌😊😊

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It's one of my favourite novel now, I really love it. how Selene(FM) and Fang(ML) progress in their relationship, although I'm really sad for Channing I hope he will find someone soon. I'm really curious about Selene's biological mother, and all Warchild's childhood and many more things, I can't wait for the next chapter, thank you for sach a wanderful novel 😘. WAITING FOR UPDATE!!!!


Intriguing from the very first lines. A well-written story that keeps the mystery alive without revealing too much, so it can keep you on the edge.


Alright Its Tme For An Honest Review. I Absolutely Love This Author. The Writing Style Is Immaculate And Beautiful, And Manages To Keep The Reader On The Edge. It Is Not Just A Fictional Story, It Is A Tale, A Saga To Be Told For The Ages. The Novel In Itself Can Be Best Described As A Journey. A Journey Into The Realm Of Werwolves And Other Beings, That Manages To Enthrall An Individual, And Mesmerize Them, Into Reading And Wanting More And More. To Be Honest, I Was Not Really A Fan Of This Genre, But This Author, Changed My Mind. I Absolutely Love The Books, And Now They Are A Permanent Part Of My Collection. Kudos To You, You've Come So Far, Don't Stop Now. ❤✨


need updates author. it's been over a month now! when the truth is going to unfold and fang will come to help her .you stopped updating. such a nice story :(


been waiting on updates for a long time now! I hope the author would update and be consistent too.. this is a good story n big gaps will lose reader interest! Nothing else but hoping the author isn't discouraged and will update!


I would easily Rate this a 5 if we didn’t Have to wait so long for new chapters. Eaagles_wings, I have supported this book with coins, been disappointed in the consistency of updates…to the point of complaining before, and encouraged you when you did update. I love your book; other fans love your book. We need updates…at least one or two per week. I would purchase privilege with regular Updates, but feel it isn’t worth it. I realize you explained your reasoning before and understood. I continued to support you. You also promised to be more diligent. For a little bit you were. Now, I will have to go back and reread several chapters to recall what has happened…if you should release more chapters. If you are not going to post for a while, you should inform your followers. We are excited to read more! ❤️


This is one of the best werewolf stories and trust me, I have read a lot. Selene's character has made the story exciting! The characters and world background is created so well that you can feel yourself in the story!


Omg one of the best books I have ever read I got so memorized I couldn't stop reading it :) Also all the best in writing more wonderful chapters! In all the POV'S I always get a clear understanding of the characters feelings and emotions over all pleasure to read! 👍😁♥️


Very well written! Characters are really cool and the pace is good. Keep writing, keep posting, let's get this to 100 chapters asap! Well done!


My favorite story on this app so far. 💞This isn’t your typical werewolf story, and I love that it took a different direction than most of the others on this app. I love the characters and their development, the FL is strong but learns a lot along the way, and the relationship between the characters keep you hooked in from the start. But there haven’t been any updates lately, I wonder why??


Wow. I love the character of Selene. It's amazing. I hope, she will get the peace her pack wants. And this story.. ahem.. i mean the love story will surely gonna be epic. Fighting author.


An amazing plot and the cliff hangers just hit differently . They keep me wanting more [img=update]. Keep on updating. Character and world building is on point.


From the beginning everything was so great in writing, characters everything was so good I loved truly...really did a great job making such an interesting story gonna add this to my library again!!


Love love absolutely love the novel! The characters introduction, story structure, grammar, everything is so awesome... Please do post a lot of chapters as I want to be lost in this world of Selene forever !!!!


Oh My ! I was always a fantasy lover to begin with and this is just what I wanted, a push and pull story between the werewolves. The characters are pretty interesting. I wish to see more of this in the next chapters.


I gotta admit having a hard time with this story. FL is stupid and annoying, not noble. It needs an editor. There's tons of stupid little errors and missing words and phrases. Some sections are disjointed like the court scene... "Wait, what? Who did that?" kind of scene confusion. There are some interesting plot components, like special abilities and a diversion from the "mate" trope common to most werewolf stories. The 2ML Channing reminds me of a goofy golden lab; most the secondary characters are caricatures, like the jail guard and his broken record threats... (yes, yes we get he's the bad guy, no need to bash us over the head with it). Sigh. It's decidedly a work in progress. Although an immature work, the author has potential. Many mistakes seem to be simply from a lack of an editor. When an author proofreads their own work they often overlook missing words or letters bc their brain knows what they intended, so it supplies it and they don't catch their own errors. Not trying to be harsh, giving critical feed back. I'm having difficulty developing an emotional connection with these characters. I dunno how far I will go with this book.


Okay... I don't like to give fake reviews so I leave it until I cross the hundred chapter to do it... I really like this story and it is the first I ever gifted something. Now I am focusing on this but when I finish it I will check the other book by the same author


this is one of the most interesting novels I've read I can't get enough of it! I continue to wait for the next chapter but my impatient trait is making me lose my freaking mind.


one of my fav....u r a great writer love this story..... its interesting[img=update]...... i daily read it so.....good luck dear writer ❤️😘