324 Cloak and Snake

The chapters ahead will follow a third-person PoV unless specified


Selene breathed heavily and she huffed against Fang's shoulder. The silent beat that Fang ignited with every "Let's do it again" and the mastery of his fingers made her cave in every single time.

It started after she said it first right after they finished.

The sun was right above them and the head start Fang had got them was spent in pleasing his Mate. He pressed a soft kiss on her cheek. Selene looked visibly tired and as her eyes submitted to his gaze Fang's jaw ticked. "Let's do it again," this would be the third time Fang was asking now as he felt the desire rise in him.

"Enough Fa-" Selene gulped as she felt him harden against her, "You are a beast."


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