325 Abode of Goddess Luna

Rest of the road the fog only grew around them. All they could see was the faint silhouette of the white robe that Hecate wore. That was one sure way to keep unwanted visitors from returning.

Fang's fingers interlaced with Selene's before he pulled her closer, "do you think she will notice if we make out here."

"Just look straight ahead and walk Fang," Selene rolled her eyes.

Fang chuckled lightly before he grabbed and turned Selene's face by her jaw and gave her a quick kiss. "It's so hard to hold back now little one." It had Selene go completely red as she pushed his face away.

"If you lose sight of me I will not return for you," they heard Hecate, and Selene rushed ahead pulling in Fang until they saw her clearer again.

Fang huffed before whispering to Selene, "I bet your mom would kill her if she did that."

"You are acting childish," Selene grunted.


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