CHAPTER 9 Urgent Matter

  ‘Don’t you miss your father? Does he speak with you at all?’ Ann asked hesitantly.

  She felt a pang of pain and a soft whine, swiftly followed by a snarl of anger.

  ‘He is worse than your father. Constantly silent and never responds my to attempts to link with him. It’s as if he’s dead.” She snapped. ‘If that’s what he wants, then so be it. A shitty excuse for a father for both of us.’

  Ann’s mouth set in a grim line as she focused on the road ahead. Just then her phone rang and the call transferred to the cars in the built infotainment system, linked with the onboard diagnostics HUD screen.

  She touched the screen to accept and answered the call.


  “Ann, where are you?” the worried voice of her best friend came through loudly.

  Ann flinched and quickly turned the volume down as she answered.

  “I’m driving at the minute, is everything okay?”