54 CHAPTER 54 A Concealment Curse

  "Adam, please. It's not going to go well if you're disrespectful in his home. Imagine how you would react if someone growled at you in your own home. You would be absolutely furious! You were very nearly going to put an end to a longstanding member of your Elder Council for daring to question you. Be reasonable. Please." Ann pleaded softly as she placed a hand on his arm.

  He seemed to instantly relax and took a moment to school his emotions properly. Ann was right. This could be the first step to securing better relations with at least this realm of Daemons. Who knew what benefits that it might bring his Pack? He couldn't afford to risk ruining this because of his temper.

  "I'm sorry, Lord Brarthroroz, I'm still a little on edge," Adam said finally with a half bow towards where the Daemon Lord stood.

  Lord Brarthroroz waved his hand dismissively and shrugged.


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