Alpha King's Witch Mate Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

Alpha King's Witch Mate

Robin Willis

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“This is how you kiss.” She pressed her delicious lips to mine. My arms came up around her back, pulling her tight against me. I couldn’t think; I couldn’t breathe—all I wanted was to pin the witch girl down, explore every curve of her frame, put my mark on her neck. But then she abruptly broke the kiss, stepping backwards. “So you said I would never be your mate, huh?” she sneered. I was dazed for a moment—and then it turned to rage. I whirled around and stormed out of the room, the lock clicking behind me. “You’re my prisoner,” I growled. “And you will never leave this place.” *** When Bree, a young witch, is kidnapped from her village by Dallas, the Alpha King of Lycantor, she knows it will be her end. Neither of them is prepared to discover that they are fated mates. But the Alpha King hates witches to his core—he will never accept one as his Luna. Can Bree change the Alpha King’s heart? The Alpha King’s Witch Mate is created by Robin Willis, an eGlobal Creative Publishing Author.


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