66 Chapter 66

Cecil turned to glare at him, only to falter at the drowsy look in Alois' eyes and his little confident smile. And maybe not bleaching his hair for so long was starting to affect him because his gaze was drawn to Alois's lips, completely forgetting the question that he was asked.

"Staying here isn't going to help us find him either." Leeson said impatiently, his voice growing distant. "I want to catch a fish too."

"Wait!" Perry called, "I want to catch another one!"

"Don't be greedy now..."

Their voices quickly trailed off and it soon got quiet in the tent, Alois grimacing at what was to come.

He lifted his head up slightly to put some distance between them. "I know you want to hit me but remember that violence doesn't solve anything." He quickly tried to placate him.

Cecil blinked, looking like he just broke out of a haze. He threw his arms around Alois' neck to keep him from escaping and Alois was already bracing himself for a headbutt.


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