14 Chapter 14

Henri had hardly settled into his room when there was a knock on his door. He glanced at it and then frowned, a niggling feeling in his mind. He was certain that he could guess just who was at his door, it made him want to ignore it.

The knock came again and he pushed himself off his bed, still fully dressed in his uniform, and grudgingly opened the door.

Audie's grinning face immediately came into sight and without hesitation, Henri slammed the door shut again.

Renewed knocking came again from the other side of the door, causing Henri to give in and open it up.

"Your Highness." Audie bowed pompously, his smile still on his face although Henri had rudely turned him away at first. "I'm glad to see that you made it safely here."

Henri eyed him up suspiciously as well as the duo of Alphas that tagged along with him. "It pains me to say the same." He muttered grumpily.

The two boys shared a look with each other, looking wary. At least, they both had a sense of self-preservation.

"Not going to invite us to your room?" Audie smirked, he was dressed in just his dress shirt, his friends in similar states of undress.

Henri narrowed his eyes at the unbidden memory that rose to the surface. He wanted to turn them all away but he was enrolled at the academy to improve his social education so he had to make a concentrated effort.

"Fine." He accepted unenthusiastically, stepping back to let them in.

"These are my friends, Henri." Audie introduced as he led the way in. "The idiot with braids in his hair is Valentin and the other is Nael." He introduced his friends dismissively.

The both of them stood and stared blankly at Henri, like they couldn't believe that their friend was on a first-name basis with the Omega Prince.

"This is Prince Henri, a good friend of mine…" He leaned closer to them to whisper furiously. "Show your respect fools!"

"It's fine." Henri stopped them from bowing. "And just refer to me as Henri, I'm equally a student." He spoke stiffly, unsettled about how much taller everyone else was. Were they all malformed?

Audie was already beside his bed. "Vale, look at the size of this," He invited Valentin over.

Valentin looked to have as much boundless energy as Audie, they both had blond hair, Valentin's leaning to dirty blond, not to mention that he had little braids in his already wild hair.

He bounded over to Audie with stars in his dark blue eyes, "It could easily fit all four of us." He supported, patting the sheets.

Henri frowned. 'Four?' They certainly weren't counting him in, were they?

Audie made the first move and jumped on Henri's bed, "It's real soft too."

"Let me give it a try," Valentin grinned, hopping on the bed after him.

Henri was astounded, did they not have manners?

Nael was the only one left standing with Henri, he bowed with a grave expression. "I apologize for my friends' misconduct."

This made Henri calm down somewhat, at least one of them seemed to have working brain cells. Nael was the tallest of the trio, his hazel-gold eyes constantly looking disinterested, and dark brown hair styled to reveal his forehead.

He had been too quick to hope because after apologizing, Nael walked towards the bed like he was about to dissuade his friends only to pick up a pillow and smack Valentin right on the head while yelling a blood-curdling war cry.

That was enough to get the three of them going for each other's throats with the pillows. They were hardly messing around and were actually trying to crack each other's skulls open with the pillows.

Henri just stood and watched them, dumbfounded. He noted that his lips twitched when Valentin tripped Audie to get the upper hand only for him to get dragged down too, and the both of them ended up getting pummeled by Nael.

He had stood enough though. "That's enough!" He called out authoritatively, his hands held behind his back as he walked forward.

Perhaps because they weren't expecting this or they finally realized how much they had erred, they all froze up, every one of them clutching multiple incriminating pillows.

"All of you, out of my room, now!" He ordered them, displeasure evident on his face.

Nael immediately ditched the pillows in his hands, making sure that they smacked into his friends. "His Highness is right, you should both give him some privacy to rest up from his strenuous journey…"

"That includes you too, Nael." Henri cut him off, holding the door open. "Don't return!" He called to them after successfully kicking them all out.

Audie blatantly ignored his words. "We'll be back to pick you up for dinner, your Highness." He called back, struggling with Valentin and Nael for who would get to walk in the middle.

"Vale, let's go visit your brother next," Nael suggested enthusiastically, pushing Valentin away by his face.

Henri just held his head in exasperation as all three of them noisily went off on their way. The thought of having to deal with them every single day was enough to give him a migraine.

He quickly returned to the safety of his now messy room, concerned that they would find a reason to come back, and was slightly taken aback at the mess on his bed.

Usually, his maids would have attended to it right away but as they were all the way in the castle, it was up to him to take care of it. 'Now how exactly did one go about laying a bed?'

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