56 Chapter 56

#Chapter 56 Peelle

If I had been in my right mind, I would never have let it happen.

But sometime between the moment Peelle fled with the car to draw off the pursuers, and the moment Evan picked me back up in his arms, I drifted off. I had no strength left to stay conscious.

When I came to, I was somewhere warm, somewhere soft. A soft lamp shone its gentle yellow light from the nightstand by my head, and I twitched around under the covers while regaining my bearings.

"Don't move. You're still off-balance and you could hurt yourself."

My vision went in and out of focus. There he was. Evan had risen from the armchair on the other side of the nightstand and was now standing over me, adjusting the covers. Covers? Bed? Wait, where...?


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