43 Chapter 43

#Chapter 43 The Map

"Speculating, Peelle?"

"Yeah, when the situation requires it. It's not like me, I know, but things aren't adding up. No ransom demand? That was our first clue. Matter of fact, that should have been the answer right there. Who would risk bringing down Scarlet's wrath on them just to play a game of 'will-I-or-won't-I' with us? If they captured Osborn for money, they're going to tell us right off the bat so they can finish it as soon as possible and get him back off their hands."

"But they didn't." Evan leaned back in the sofa and glowered at the map. "No communication for twenty four hours."

"Exactly. Maybe they'll play that kind of game of suspense with smaller packs to toy with them, but they won't do that with us. Every hour they delay, that's more of a chance we'll find them before they can ever demand a ransom at all. Then they risk death for no reward, period. No. That's not what's happening here."

"How'd you find this map? This is Osborn's, isn't it?"


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