Alpha's Bite Between My Legs

[ WARNING: EXTREMELY MATURE CONTENT ] "If I see you again, I'll ravish your body while you bleed, Prince!" Rosina, a woman haunted by a dark past, developed a dangerous obsession that led to a trail of blood and corpses. A predator that liked to enjoy her prey before taking their lives. She has always despised the idea of having a mate until she was compelled to attend the annual mating season. Harboring a deep desire for freedom, she detested any association with royalty. During the mating event, she encountered a mysterious man wearing a blood-red mask. Draco was portrayed as a carefree Third Prince who sought only amusement and avoided the responsibilities that came with the crown. However, his encounter with Rosina ignited a change within him. He realizes that in order to win her hand in marriage, he must become a King. That transformation set Draco on a path of self-discovery and growth as he strived to prove himself worthy of Rosina's love. Would their encounter change their fate or push them to ruin? _____ Volume 2: "My duty is to find a nobleman to lead my Pack, but you conquered my heart, commoner." Felissa was responsible for searching for a mate worthy of status and fulfilling her duty as the only daughter of an Alpha, which led her to revolve her life to become a perfect future Luna of the Midnight pack. She was known as gentle as a fragile flower, or so they thought. Behind her cheerful smile hid the darkness that wanted to ascend and take over her body. A personality born due to the use of magic. As Felissa hunted for a noble mate to satisfy her parents. She met a commoner with two identities. Vicenzo was a man living different lives to keep his mother safe from the abusive Pack. He was willing to sacrifice the mate bond to destroy the New Monarch as his task, but his heart slowly broke apart and yearned for his mate's touch. Would they prioritize their duty or give in to what their body desired?" _____ Volume 3: "I will accept you despite everything you have done, my dearest." Gastone lived in the human world as his punishment but was called back to the Werewolf realm by Rosina to find his mate. He didn't want one because of his living situation and pride as a fallen Prince. Along the way, he saved a troubled woman named Lucia and brought her to the realm after begging him to save her. That caused problems since Werewolves were myths to humans. With the help of Draco, Gastone and Lucia settled in a secluded place temporarily for security. Lucia had escaped from the Orphanage that worked in the black market. She aimed to stop its business to save many girl's lives but failed after years of planning. After meeting Gastone, she intended to use him to her advantage since she needed milk to survive the curse. Would their love blossom after finding great differences between their races? __ [ WPC #301 - Gold Place Winner!!! ] . . Official Commissioned Cover. __ Contact me: IG: mona_milku Discord: https://discord.gg/XqbVZffGbv __

youneedsomemilk · Fantasy
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The Portrait

Lucia scratched another name of a farm in her list. She had been searching early in the morning, and it was already late afternoon. She was tired and exhausted, but she still didn't have any clue about Danielo. 

"That b!tch! I'll skin her alive!" Lucia gritted her teeth in rage, thinking Babi had tricked her and all her efforts went in vain. 

Lucia went back into her flower shop to beat the sh^t out of Babi when she noticed the time. She only had an hour to go into Misis Belo's house for dinner. 

"Ah! I want to skip!" Lucia exclaimed tightly before slumping into her sofa. She wanted to take a short rest, but she couldn't. 

Lucia forced herself to stand up, get dressed and put some makeup on her face to hide her tiredness. When she was done, she got into a carriage and drove to her given address.