26 Time flies, Harsh Weather

[Host, I shall go dormant now. Survive, and look after the dragon egg…]

The system, who realized Chen Fan had no more questions then went to sleep, leaving Chen Fan alone.

Chen Fan knew that his next step was to look after the dragon egg while also reading loads more books to increase his magic power.

His mood, which was previously depressed because he realized he had no goal now was much more determined, as his mission for now is to increase his magic power and look after the egg.

The skill [Eye of the Scholar] allows Chen Fan to read any book and memorize its information as knowledge, allowing him to increase his IQ and magic power as his brain capacity increases. However, the catch that Chen Fan had realized a decade ago is that with more knowledge means he forgets bits of memories of his time when Earth had humanity. However, the one thing for sure is that information regarding his loved ones and friends are still as memorable, just information on other things are fuzzy now.

So, there is a downside, on the one hand if he doesn't increase his magic power than he will not be able to not alone not use the spell from the Scroll, but other spells learnt that the system might give him in the future. But on the other hand, his memories of the past might be forgotten.

But Chen Fan did not care, for he only needed memories of people that he cared about, the other people whom he spoke to in the past forgot about his existence, why should he remember them?

And so, he decided to go all out on the reading.

When he read 100,000 books for 20 years and learnt the spell from the Scroll of the Titans, he realized that his magic power that he initially thought was abundant was actually not a lot at all powerful.

The more he discovered different races, the more he realizes that he is just a frog in a well.

So, he now is determined to make sure he escapes that well, and becomes a powerhouse of his own right, and survive this harsh world.

With a new sense of purpose, Chen Fan felt energetic and full of motivation again. He was no longer depressed, and he carried the dragon egg back to the bedroom of the base. After putting down the dragon egg, he went into the bathroom and stared at himself in the mirror.

Sure enough, he had regained his youth. The hair that was turning grey before had become black and shiny. His slightly wrinkled skin now tender and smooth. He grabbed a razor and began shaving his beard, revealing his twenty-year-old look once again.

Chen Fan sighed, 'Pity that I can't return back to being 20 years old, I'm still the same old man deep inside'.

After he shaved, he left the bathroom and left the base.

The most important thing for him right now is to go out and collect more books from the libraries that were around the city.

He even searched rental bookstores and continued collecting more and more books to take back to the base.

Specifically, books that would be enjoyable to read, as he now no longer needed to be picky with what sort of information he needed to read.

Before Humanity had disappeared, bookstores like the ones Chen Fan were searching were already redundant, as the age of information via your phone had allowed students to find anything they need with a click of a button. Libraries weren't as bad, as students preferred to go in and do there work in a library however rental bookstores were places that had declining business.

Which was a great benefit for Chen Fan now, as books that intrigued him were still in stock, after all no one goes to a library anymore, and so genres like cultivation, fantasy, urban romance etc were available to Chen Fan.

As he finished collecting as many books as his sleigh could carry, he returned to his base and began his days of looking after the dragon egg and reading books every day.

Time flies, spring and autumn came and went, and time continued to pass by. Five years then passed in a blink of an eye, and the system still was dormant.

These five years did not have anything crazy going on, Chen Fan continued his daily routine, and everything was the same old.

Only difference now is that the weather has become more and more fierce.

The first two decades were filled with harsh droughts and fierce blizzards. Now, for the past five years except for two or three months of snow, the temperature was normal but there were more tornados, typhoons, and strong winds.

The terrifying gust of winds caused many buildings that were already collapsed from the troll's rampage to collapse completing, leaving a barren city on one side of the city.

Chen Fan's base surprisingly withstood many earthquakes, but it almost failed to resist the strong winds and tornados that hit it.

The base had been through a lot for the past five years, and in order to prevent the base from being destroyed, he reinforced six layers of steel fence surrounding the base.

Today was another day of raging winds, and the steel fence eh had reinforced were again moving.

If the steel fence blew away, then the base would be destroyed, and Chen Fan was mentally prepared to begin creating a underground cave base to take refuge.

After all, once the base is blown, he will not have a shelter safe enough for him to survive the wind and rain in the future.

"I hate this goddamn weather" Chen Fan cursed, "And this damn dragon egg, when will it hatch?" Chen Fan who was depressed looked at the dragon egg next to him.

For the past five years, he had been stoking the dragon egg every day. In order for the dragon egg to hatch, he had held it within his arms for hours on end, and the egg hadn't even moved at all.

Sometimes, he felt the urge to smash the dragon egg into pieces, but if he had smashed it then all of his hard work looking after it would just be in vain.

Click… - click….

Just when Chen Fan began sulking, a strange sound suddenly came from the dragon egg. Chen Fan turned his head and looked at it.

He saw that for the first time ever, the dragon egg's shell began to slowly shatter and fall off…

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