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Yo readers, ryder here.

Just wanted to put this here and say thank you for checking out 'Alone on Earth, I Became OP'!

I have 200+ chapters already prepared (not fully written) and i am happy to share with you this pretty neat story.

My goal was to release this a few months back, and contend for the WSA 2022, but life got in the way and I could only release this novel just a month before the deadline.

But, regardless, I do hope you enjoy this novel. I shall also have other new novels in the works, some maybe being held for WSA 2023 in the future, others might come out sooner rather than later.

To show support, please just leave a power stone and also if it's available by the time you are reading this gift me if you feel generous, otherwise don't! You reading is all that I care about, and all i want to do is just make a good story for you to enjoy!

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