Almighty Young Master

Author: Saubi1234
Eastern Fantasy
Ongoing · 207.5K Views
  • 45 Chs
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What is Almighty Young Master

Read ‘Almighty Young Master’ Online for Free, written by the author Saubi1234, This book is a Eastern Fantasy Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, ADVENTURE Light Novel, CULTIVATION Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: He once started an era, became a teacher to many experts, became the prince of an empire, and became the most powerful s...


He once started an era, became a teacher to many experts, became the prince of an empire, and became the most powerful supreme in history. He then went to heaven, fought against many supremes and gods. One day, he created a cultivation technique that was the result of cultivating each of the nine heavenly scriptures, extracting countless bloodlines, observing each of the nine heavenly treasures, the four sacred beasts, and the source of the five elements for a million years. When news of the technique leaked out, he was attacked by countless experts causing him to die. No, he didn't die, he reappeared where he came from. The world that had been quiet for a long time was shaken again by his return. ... Cover from Pinterest ...

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the story is almost the same as the emperor domain, and as far as i know there is almost no novel whose story follows the storyline of the emperor domain novel, so I am very interested in reading it, and how the relationship of the MC and it's maid will it be like in the emperor domain where the MC just collects his harem or do something more productive with them, you know what i mean right.................




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