13 Chapter 12- A Shinomiya

"But is it really necessary to advertise the song? I don't really care about it flopping though"

Tanaka spoke as he looked at everyone who started planning among themselves without asking him.

"Tsk, tsk, you don't know Tanaka-san, but we really liked the song so how can we not share it?"

Chika clicked her tongue as she said to Tanaka.


Tanaka scratched the back of his head not knowing what to do, it's good that he already has fans near him but they seem to go ahead among themselves, usually, he wouldn't care about this and focus on making his new game but knowing these people near him.

It might turn into a disaster if he let them be, sighing, he gave his opinion.

"Why don't you just make it play on the radio or something, with Ishigami's family connection it won't be that difficult, and also Shinomiya, since you have been joining their play, speaking of connection, Ishigami, let me have a meeting with your father for some business proposal"

Tanaka spoke in a single breath, then noticed everyone was staring at him.

"Whoa, that sounded pro"

Shirogane said as if he couldn't believe what he had just heard.

"We have a few personally owned Radio Station, we can use that"

As if influenced by Tanaka's professional ethics, Shinomiya also started moving, taking out her phone, she started calling her connections, Ishigami reacted last but after analyzing what he meant, he immediately understood it was a good opportunity, after all, Angry Birds has become popular lately.

"Though it won't be released yet in different countries, it will be a huge help to my family's toy company, and it won't hurt them very much"

Ishigami muttered in a low voice but everyone who heard him had their mouths agape as they couldn't believe the words coming out of his mouth. Ishigami looked at them with a deadpan face.

"I know I don't show my talents often but I'm still the heir of my family you know…"

"Oh… I thought it will be given to your little sister"

Tanaka spoke.

"...Is it that fun making fun of me?"

"Yeah, definitely"

"Yeah haha"

Everyone laughed loudly, anyway, with their plans on the right track, everyone became much smoother, though, as the one who suggested everything, Chika would be in charge of the radio station while Tanaka would go talk with Isihgami's father.

Though they won't be able to meet up because the man is busy, they still secured a deal with each other making a plush toy for angry birds that will be sold around Tokyo first before spreading and making more in the future.

After that was done, Tanaka spent most of his time finishing the plans for the new game and also fixing his schedule because he didn't want anything to bother him.

'Thankfully, the art is cartoonish so it won't be difficult for me but doing everything on my own will prove to be difficult, I can't also go asking for the Art Clubs' help every time…'

Tanaka realized a lot of his problems, if he really did everything on his own from concept art to animation to numerical, it would take him about 1 and a half years just to make this game, though, once completed, it would also burn Tanaka out.

"I need to somehow improve my skills, hmm, maybe the system can help me"

Tanaka was sitting on the rooftop of the school on his own so he could act freely here, waving his hand, he summoned the system and in the next moment, he appeared in front of the roulette.

"I have 500,000 reputation points after saving for a week, I only have 5 spins, I hope there is something that could help me"

Tanaka prayed before spinning the roulette.


The roulette started spinning at a very fast speed until it stopped and then spun again, this happened 4 more times until the rewards finally revealed themselves.

[You have received Random Attributes Book x3] [You have received "Unstoppable Power for My Right Hand" Booster x2]


Tanaka was speechless as he saw the second reward, it somehow doesn't sound appropriate, but since it's given by the system, it won't be for that right?

Shaking his head Tanaka focused on the first reward, The Random Attribute Book, clearly, it was the first time he had seen this reward and it sounds quite cool, just like the ones from RPG games, maybe it's the same use? Whatever Tanaka checked its description.

[Random Attribute Book]

[Description: Randomly raises an attribute by 1 point](These attributes are STR, AGI, INT, END, LCK, Luck is the rarest attribute)

"I see, so I was right, let's use it immediately!"

Tanaka didn't wait anymore and used it immediately.

[Random Attribute Book Used 3x]

[Your Int has increased by 1]

[Your Agi has increased by 1]

[Your End has increased by 1]

Tanaka closed his eyes wanting to feel the power coursing through his veins except that there was really no feeling and he was just imagining himself receiving some kind of holy power but anyway, after he got over it, Tanaka immediately checked his next reward.

["Unstoppable Power for My Right Hand" Booster]

[Description: Gives your right-hand incredible power, using it will increase your right-hand stamina and all feeling of tiredness will not appear until the end of its use, it lasts for 15 hours](Note: Veins will pop out from your right hand after use so do not panic)

"... I see, that means I can go for 15 hours without rest?"

Tanaka was mind blown, this is amazing! 15 hours without rest and do it continuously? How God-like is this item?

"Great! With this I can draw work tirelessly!"

Tanaka had already made his plans, especially on Saturday and Sunday, he could spend that time rushing the important things from his new game, as for the other parts, he could just slowly finish all of them.

What were you thinking of him using it?

Anyway, with these rewards, Tanaka was sure he could get 50% done in two days, of course, it would be great if he could get the booster once again, no, he is definitely not letting the system hear it, he was just talking on his own.


Arriving at school, Tanaka was surprised there was a commotion outside, a lot of students were gathering at a single direction, but seeing there was no chance for him to look around because of how packed it was, Tanaka just ignored it and went to his classroom.

Arriving at the classroom, Tanaka saw that the new student Aisaka Taiga was already in the classroom and Masuzu too, but they didn't seem to mind each other and treated each other as invisible even when Tanaka arrived, he wasn't noticed by them.

Shrugging, Tanaka went to his seat and looked out the window. He can still see the commotion outside but he couldn't tell what was happening, anyway, he just stared out there absentmindedly and before he knew it.

The room was already full and he was already surrounded by his group of friends.

"Oh, he finally woke up"

Ishigami was the first to notice this and said to everyone that all eyes were on him.

"Huh? What? Did something happen?"

Tanaka asked with a confused expression.

"No, we have just been calling you since earlier but you haven't reacted at all, did something happen?"

Masuzu asked,

"Naaa, I just blank out sometimes and leave my body to explore the vast universe"


The boys were already used to Tanaka's antics but the girls were dumbfounded and didn't know what to say.

"Don't mind him, he is just saying nonsense"

Shirogane sighed as he knew Tanaka was just messing with them, the girls nodded and glared at Tanaka which he only chuckled at.

"Anyway, how was your endeavor of promoting the song?"

Tanaka immediately changed the topic because he might really get ripped to shreds if he still continued.

Masuzu: "Ah, I actually heard it on the radio yesterday, my grandfather loved listening to songs on radio so when I was with him, I heard it playing"

Shirogane: "Yes, I also heard it from our radio"

Hachiman: "I actually heard it playing from our TV"

Ishigami: "We don't have a radio"

Chika: "I was walking Pes last night so I didn't know"

Tanaka: "Wait, wait, wait, I think I just heard something absurd"

Chika: "Walking Pes is not absurd!"

Tanaka: "No, I am not talking about Pes, Hachiman, what did you say again?"

Hachiman: "I heard it playing in our TV"

Shirogane: "Are you sure it's not on a Radio Channel?"

Hachiman: "No one goes on a radio channel at our family, wait, If I remember correctly, It was on Channel 1"

Tanaka: "Isn't that the most popular TV Channel in the whole of Japan?"

Everyone turned their heads to Shinomiya who froze as all eyes landed on her.

Shinomiya: "The Radio Station we own also has a TV station, since I already did the Radio, I also made it play on the TV station"

Ishigami: "I guess our advertisement worked pretty well with Shinomiya"

Everyone nodded in agreement.

Shinomiya: "Actually, my mother liked the song very much that she wanted to make a music video for the song, I actually forgot about it, She wanted me to ask for your permission Tanaka-san"

Shinomiya dropped another bomb.

'As expected from a Shinomiya'

They all thought.

"Ah yes, actually please do, it saves me energy, I don't want to make it on my own, as for my appearance, just make my Virtual Avatar appear in some scenes which is okay for me"

Tanaka already accepted everything that is happening.

"Alright, Thank you very much Tanaka-san"

Shinomiya bowed respectfully, it was mostly because of her mother's selfishness of wanting to make a music video for the song that she asked Tanaka, and him agreeing made her happy as she also liked the song, she then looked at Shirogane who also said that he liked to listen to the song.

"No, Thank you to you and your mom since you are helping me gain fame"

Tanaka knew he was the one being helped here so he was really thankful, his song being on TV is a very great help to his career and his reputation points, but it also saves him some money in making a music video.

It's not like he was being backed by some big company or something, anyway, after their somehow successful plan of promoting the song, Tanaka treated everyone to a delicious but cheap restaurant, no, its not because he is lacking money but there are just some small restaurants that offers more delicious dishes than the expensive ones and this restaurant is also a familiar restaurant for Tanaka.

[Yukihira Diner]

It was not the first time he brought his friends here and even though it was small, their dishes are extremely delicious.

Entering the restaurant, Tanaka saw that it wasn't that crowded, which was a good time for them.

"Yo! Soma"

Tanaka greeted a young teenage boy with yellow eyes and a vertical scar on his left eyebrow.

"Oh, Tanaka Aniki, long time no see"

Soma greeted him with a big smile on his face.

"Uncle Joinchiro, your favorite guy is here"

Tanaka raised his voice a little bit.

"No shouting!"

A yell from the kitchen came.

"Okay, okay"

Tanaka chuckled before they sat on a big table, Tanaka immediately ordered his favorites to Yukihira while the others followed with their own preferences.

Yukihira took their orders and it didn't take long for them to be served, the group didn't even get to talk as they orgasmed from how delicious the food was, Tanaka was eating normally because he already gotten used to not giving any reactions when eating.

Still, he ate fast.



The last lesson just ended and after saying goodbye to the group, Tanaka immediately went back home and entered his room, he booted his computer and took a shower, after telling his mom he won't eat dinner, Tanaka started making his new game.

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