1 Chapter 1- In A Regressed World Ver 1.

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"Ugh, I feel like dying, I don't like this"

While massaging his temples to soothe the intense headache, Tanaka sat up on his bed, this was the worst feeling, it made him confused because he doesn't drink nor he has a fever, this sudden headache just came out of nowhere.

It took quite a while before he recovered but as he looked around, a sudden shock came into him, because he was now back in his old room.

The room he used for the past 25 years before he left to work in a far place, Tanaka couldn't believe it as he looked around, those familiar pictures, his trashcan full of tissues, but then his eyes landed on his computer.

"Huh? RG? Wasn't my computer supposed to be LG?"

Tanaka couldn't help but be dumbfounded as he looked at the sticker of his computer, just as he was wondering what was happening, a surge of memories entered his mind and it was the information about this world.

He regressed back 30 years back in to the past, this world is very different from where he came from, popular known celebrities doesn't exist anymore or that they now have a different name in this world, Brands changed into something that he had never heard before, Popular songs doesn't exist anymore, and almost all of the popular games/novels/manga/anime were wiped out.

But even though this news was sad, in this world, a string of technological booms had happened for some reason. Perhaps it was the doings of aliens, or even a transmigrator like Tanaka, but the speed of advancements in computing were beyond belief. The changes happened very rapidly, faster than a rocket.

Before personal computers were even common, top researchers had already invented super computers that could make trillions of calculations a second halfway through the development of computer technology, VR technology experienced a huge breakthrough.

The dream of a virtual world was achieved using personal gaming pods. In three to five years, this world had achieved what Tanaka's previous world had only achieved after many years of work.

Of course, the technological boom was beneficial but it had directly resulted in the stilling of the entertainment industry in this world, as a result of that, the gaming industry didn't have the experience of making pc games. Although VR games had great engines, theories in video game development felt like they were stuck in the stone age.

However, there was an upside to all this: this world viewed the gaming industry very highly!

Video games here weren't viewed as plagues on society or an online drug, but viewed as the ninth form art form, respected and even promoted by certain governments.

Furthermore, Video game designers weren't the IT workers of Tanaka's past world, As it was considered a highly technical job, game developers had gained respect similar to doctors, lawyers, or even culturally impactful artists!

In Tanaka's past life, he was a guy who worked in the gaming industry for a few years but only has minor achievements that are not even worth mentioning.

It only took a few moments for Tanaka to analyze all of this information and he couldn't help but be surprised.

"Isn't this like those stories in fantasy novels? Isn't that amazing!?"

Tanaka couldn't help but cheer inside, just as he was being happy, he noticed a strange ring on his middle finger, it was designed strangely, it was a rusty silver dragon, Tanaka curiously touched it and the moment he touched it, a sudden screen projection suddenly leaped out from the ring.

"What the!?"

Tanaka was surprised at first but he immediately calmed down and looked at the screen projection in front of him, there were few categories that were in the interface.

[Reputation Points]: 34,569

[Inventory](Only items for the game can be stored)

[Merchant Shop](Not Available)

[Lottery Draw]

Tanaka's eyes widened as he saw this.

"Isn't this a system? Wow!"

Tanaka couldn't help but exclaim in amazement as he looked at the interface in front of him, there was no mistake, it was really a system.

Tanaka got curious and clicked on the reputation points, just after he pressed it, another screen projection appeared beside the first screen.

[Reputation Points]: The increment of reputation is related to the player's fame, exposure, achievement, trust, reputation and other related factors. The items in the merchant shop and lottery can be bought using Reputation points.

Reputation is total Reputation gained since the player's birth until today.

"Oh…. So you mean only 40 thousand people? My whole life? Am I that unpopular?"

Tanaka lamented his past life, he couldn't help but sigh helplessly, 40 years spent in the gaming industry and it only amounted to this? It was really very difficult to see how Tanaka shook his head and looked at the other ones.

His inventory is empty so there is no beginners gift pack or anything, with nothing to do, Tanaka checked the lottery draw.

Tanaka suddenly felt all around him turn dark and then in front of him, a huge roulette appeared. Tanaka approached the roulette and there he saw a few words written on the roulette.

[Consumption Category]: One-time use disposable consumable item.

[Stats Category]: Permanently increasing a stat.

[Skills Category]: Skills' experience item.

[Special Category]: Adds the purchasing privilege of buying a certain merchant item.


Tanaka couldn't help but exclaim as he looked at this roulette, even though he doesn't understand what things it would give, as a person who learned a little bit of gambling from his past life, he immediately knew these were amazing things.

Tanaka then saw a sign just beside the roulette.

[100,000 Reputation Points to Spin]


"What the f*ck, 100 thousand?"

It was such a big pay just for one spin? Isn't that too expensive? Tanaka couldn't help but take a deep breath as he looked at it, then he turned his head to look at his reputation points, he only has 30 thousand, not even enough to have a single spin.

He couldn't help but lament on his fate, Tanaka dejectedly left the Roulette space and lie down in his bed once again, he then picked up his phone with a a brand called Uppu, Tanaka ignored it and checked the time.

It was 4 AM in the morning, it was still very early but Tanaka didn't have the mood to go back to sleep, he was now thinking what should he do next.


Just as he was thinking about things, his phone suddenly rang. Tanaka was a little surprised at first but he immediately looked at the caller.

[Yu Ishigami]

"Huh? What is this guy calling for this early?"

Ishigami is Tanaka's close friend in school and was an addict gamer, he was a loyal friend who played Tanaka's games no matter how bad it is and he was also a good guy who gives true critics about his game and doesn't flatter anyone.

Tanaka answered the call.

"What are you calling for so early in the morning?'

Tanaka immediately asked in an annoyed tone.

"Sorry about that but listen to me, didn't you say you want to join a contest for new video games, I just found one, I called you this early because there is not enough time"

A hurried voice came from the other side, the moment Tanaka heard his voice, he immediately became interested.

"Okay, tell me more"

"Good, open your computer immediately and visit the site I am about to say…"

Tanaka followed and opened his computer, even though his computer is not the latest, it was quite decent and not very slow, it only took a few moments to open, thankfully, he is not using microsoft or else there will be an update to his computer.

A few moments later, Tanaka opened the browser and visited the site Ishigami was talking about.

[Video Game Contest for Newcomers]

Just like the contest name says, it was a stage for newcomers to show their skills in making games, no matter if it is a phone game, a Computer game or a VR game, the contest lasts for about 2 weeks, and it has been 9 days since the contest started,

"What the f*ck? 2 weeks? Are you f*cking serious!?"

"Hey language! I don't like to hear such profanities alright, I know it's very late but if you want to enter the gaming industry, this is the only stage you have for now"

Ishigami was a serious friend, and if you want to do something, he will fully support you. Tanaka remembered in his past life that he also said those words and Ishigami helped him a lot, but he just simply lacked the skills to do it.

Tanaka didn't speak for a while and just stared at the screen in front of him. There were not many requirements, it only needed a complete game and passed it before the due date.

The winner will receive 300,000 cash and their game will be put on the front page of the Game Store, the brand of play store in this world.

Surely, if Tanaka gets this win, he will get cash and also exposure which will give him reputation points, but 3 days is just not enough time, it was impossi- wait.

"I'm dumb! There are still those from my past life!"

What takes the most time when creating a game? Wasn't it making a game from scratch, from ideas to character modeling, to fixing bugs, those were the ones that took a lot of time, but Tanaka came from a world where gaming is much more booming than this world, even though they lost in terms of technology.

With the knowledge from his past world, Tanaka may be able to do it, he took a deep breath, Tanaka decided to join this contest, now he needed to make some plans since he only has 3 days to make a game, he couldn't possibly go for the big games or the ones with the stunning graphics, he doesn't have time and he doesn't have the necessary skills to create.

Making a computer game is also a no since he doesn't have the resources to do that, so his only choice is mobile.

Tanaka racked his brains up thinking of the mobile games from his past life.

Geometry dash? no, he couldn't make that game yet, it may seem simple but the most important thing about this game is music. He lacks the ability to make music right now, so that game is a pass.

Candy Crush? It's a good idea but the game doesn't have enough power to catch some attention, it's not a good game for a contest.

Subway Surfers? A good addicting game, but creating the game will need good art skills Tanaka may be decent, but he doesn't have enough time to draw everything up.

Tanaka has tons of games in his mind, as a game developer in his past life, he had played and studied a lot of games for reference, no matter if analyzing how it became popular or the core of the game.

It took a few moments before a game flashed in his mind; it was a game for all ages and was widely popular when it came out. It also has simple art and animation, the gameplay is good, and Tanaka has enough skills to make the game.

Tanaka immediately moved his hand and opened the paint. He then drew a small round fat bird with red feathers. Yes, the game Tanaka had in mind is Angry Birds, a popular game that was played by many players in his past life.

Though the game first came out on computers and few people have computers so ‌not that widely popular but in this world, phones are a daily necessity for people already, just walk around the streets and you will ‌see people walking around with phones on their hands and even a 3-year-old holding a phone while playing with the sand in the sandbox.


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