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Almighty Summoner System


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First 1 to 5 chapters it made the story in a stable connection with the plot as I read it. as a reader at first I really did immerse myself into it. then comes the 6 to 10 chapters now its getting interesting hope more chapters to come its a bit on the hook "Bitin"

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Notice this novel because of the ranking in the contest. It is a good reading so far. Fun synopsis and light reading. Keep up good work, writer. Good luck with the competition. [img=recommend]


Has this novel been dropped? I would be very sad if it was I was really enjoying this world the author created I hope if anyone has info they can let me know! I would greatly appreciate it 😊 I am up to i think 260 right now and so far the characters are great and the story is very well made! The MC is interesting and I love his companions. ……………………………………………………………………_______________________________________———————————————————————-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is my opinion if you dont agree just read the Novel. Ive Read 40 chapters so far. In my opinion its not that gd of a story to invest uf time in and definetly not Worth Paying for. the chapters are short abd the story develops slowly. As of the 40 chapters we barely know anything about mc goal apart from there some powerful person or family or organisation that killed his family and he wants revenge. Charcter development kinda sucks if im honest the mc seems shallow abd theres not much too him. Based on those two points i decided to drop it, if it was free It could be seen as a book to get by but i cant see why id invest coins into the book. This is only be opinion, so if you dont like It then read it but i wouldnt recommend.


I saw the word summoner, i read the description, A Masterpiece. Hope you continue this or else I'll delete this app, jwk. More update Plsssssssss


Reveal spoiler


this could easily be a hidden gem, give it a go but I fully recommend it so far, tho it would be nice if the author added more details about the summons, like their height and size


I like the the general idea of the the novel,but, like other reviews i read i absolutely agree on the fact that the pacing is way too slow.after over 100 chapters the mc should have gone trough a lot more stuff. I mean seriously does it really take 10 chapters for a mc to hitch a ride go to the market sell his stuff and go back home?


Hi!!! I love this Story so far!!!! How the story developed and how the character grows!! Although im still in chapter 20 i have a high expectations in this Story so im excited to tell this to my friend!!!! Keep the Translation!! Translator!!!!


How can this novel gets translated while other with higher votes in the rating poll gets removed. Story progress is so slow and inconsistent. The world building is inconsistent characters are to bland and generic. None of the characters actually stand out. Even people with worse naming sense are more consistent than this one. from Bob to Valkyrie or something be consistent or in theme. The little of details can break of character. Not worth investing your read time would be better if your choose other novel compared to this.


This is actually a really good story, and I have enjoyed it so far. The story is fun and pretty well written. But it’s called Summoner System and the MC hasn’t summoned anything. it’s a monster tamer system. It’s like calling Ash from Pokémon a summoner. Just kind of disappointing.


its an Interesting premise, really cool world, filled with Interesting characters. I would say bottom line read it, but the lack of updates, slow story progression after a certain number of chapters and now months of nothing at all, idk. you should put it in your library and if you see updates at some piont start reading. really want to see we're this thing goes.


An 'OK' book, just not my cup of tea. I don't have much to say other than author's writing style felt a little confusing to me. And I didn't really like the story, not much more to say.


Decent story, not great by any means but it's not horrible ether. would probably be a good story to read while looking for other books or waiting for a new chapter on your favorites.


YES!!!! The Author is back! Fantastic! . . . . . . . . . Keep up the great work! Keep up the great work! Keep up the great work! Keep up the great work!


The main character is likeable, kinda dumb at times bit that's perfect for 16 year old , it would be irritating if he would be too smart or ruthless. But the pacing is getting slower and slower , the side characters are also being beautifully developed, the system is too omniscient though, I had only one issue with it that the pacing is too slow , it been more than 100+ chapters but it hasn't even been a week in the novel , the length of the updates are too short and it's only one chapter a day or two , seriously dusturbs the flpw of the reader


Wow just wow Correct me if I'm wrong 80+ chapters only for the events of sth around 3 of 4 days after getting system The cheat code is op so the author tries to put limits on them and make the story more fun which works


Good book. ................................................................................................................................


Honestly my only complaint is the length, I'm sad that I caught up so quickly. (though I did binge read all weekend) I cant wait to continue reading as more comes out


I love the setting of this Novel🥰 Please continue this novel to as far as you can. I would copy this and plagiarize it. So I hope you can improve in the near future.