1 Almighty Summoner System

In a dense forest full of mortal beasts, a young man could be seen struggling for breath under the shade of a huge tree.

His eyes were tightly shut and fatigue was written all over his face.

He turned 16 years old yesterday, the same day as his age of ceremony.

A day for people of Summoner's World to summon their first monster.

However, he failed miserably and was unable to summon even an ordinary worm.

People of the Summoner's world call someone like him a wastrel or freak. They are not common and would usually appear only once in every thousand years.

They were deemed as a kind of bad luck or misfortune and were often called as those who were not loved by the Gods.

After knowing the harsh truth, Ban who couldn't accept his fate went towards an area infected by mortal beasts planning to train himself to death, hoping to reverse the situation he was in.

However, he didn't expect that by training himself to death, death would also come closer to claim his unfortunate life.

Driven by the will to overcome his fate, he trained without rest leading to the current situation where he was already on the verge of death due to over fatigue.

"No, I can't die yet! I still need to get revenge for those who killed my parents and gramps! I can't di-"

Those were Ban's last words before his consciousness faded into darkness.

However, it was at this moment that he saw a bluish light pierce through the darkness all the way to his head.


Transmigration Failed!

-Reason: Host is Unwilling! ]



-Reason: Found a Suitable Host!

-Host successfully changed from Ban to Ban!]

[Binding Almighty Summoner System



Sucking a mouthful of air, Ban opened his tightly shut eyes as he touched his body clumsily.

"I haven't died? Was it all a dream?" He said while heaving a sigh of relief.

However, a row of text suddenly materialized in front of his eyes startling him completely.

[Emergency Mission: Tame an ant or die again!



"What is happening?"

Confusion was apparent to his eyes as he shook his head left and right. However, no matter which way he turned his head into, the row of text would also follow suit his line of sight.

"Sigh! Did I become crazy? I need to see Doctor Wakwak when I go back to the cit-"

Before he could continue his words, the row of text suddenly moved, piquing his interest.

Another row of text was added and Ban somehow felt threatened after seeing it.

[Emergency Mission: Tame an ant or die again!


Accept? Yes or No?

If the Host doesn't accept in 10 seconds the Almighty Summoner System will proceed to exterminate the Host's body and Soul! ]

After reading that, a countdown suddenly formed below the row of text.



"Accept! Accept the Mission!"

Ban hastily said before the countdown could reach the 3rd number.

He felt that he would really be obliterated if he didn't accept the mission.

[Mission Accepted!

Follow the arrow and tame an ant in 1 hour!



The row of text suddenly faded and what replaced it was a bluish arrow pointing towards something.

"What the hell is happening right now! Who are you?"

He shouted hysterically as he clenched his disheveled hair.

Right now, he could still see the row of text but it no longer hindered his vision. The same could be said with the bluish arrow.

Although reluctant, Ban couldn't do anything other than to follow the direction provided by the arrow. He doesn't want to get obliterated after all.

After 5 minutes of walking, the arrow was now pointing at the mouth of a cave.

Seeing the cave, Ban couldn't help but gawk in surprise. "What the hell, I didn't know you were talking about taming a Demon Ant. I quit, I don't want to die!"

The cave the arrow was pointing to was actually a lair of a Demon Ant, a beast that could reach up to the Apprentice Rank upon becoming an adult. They were known for their super-strength and usually lived in groups.

One could differentiate a normal cave and Demon Ant lair by simply inspecting the cave's mouth. A Demon Ant lair will have chewed stalactites outside of the cave.

[Affirmative! Commencing Host execution in 3… 2…- ]

"Wait! Wait! Wait! Alright! Alright, I'll do it! But I don't know how. At least guide me, this is my first time."

'Sigh* Although Demon Ants are dangerous, I might get lucky and will be able to tame one. At the least, I somewhat have higher hopes of surviving this than rejecting this crazy mission right away.'


Request Granted!

Step 1: Get inside the cave already! ]

"Sigh* alright!"

He slowly stepped towards the cave while trying his best not to step into some dead twigs or leaves. He was afraid of creating noise and attracting the attention of the Demon Ants that he was about to 'tame'.

As he stepped inside the cave, the row of text in front of him suddenly changed.

[Step 2: Follow the arrow!]

Ban nodded his head before following the arrow closely.

After many right and left turns, the row of text changed yet again.

The surroundings were dim but Ban could somehow see them clearly. He glanced around and noticed some peculiarities around the cave.

'Strange! I've already walked more than 5 minutes but I still didn't encounter a single Demon Ant. Recalling the holes I have entered on the way here, I should already be in the deepest part of the Demon Ant Lair by now!'

He may not have experienced and gone into one but after living for over 2 years in the city, he often heard stories about Demon Ants and their lairs from the adventurers themselves.

He also studied a bit about them to prepare for his awakening.

Suddenly, Ban was forced to stop on his tracks as a wall blocked his way. The arrow was still pointing in that direction so he was sure that he did not lose his way yet.

At that moment, the row of text changed again in front of him.

[Step 3: Search for the button and enter the Demon Ants Queen Chamber. ]

Ban's mouth turned into an '0' shape as he saw and read the row of text.

"W- What now?"

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