50 Taking sweet time

Music Recommendation: Fashion- The Chamber Orchestra of London

"Do you have a parchment in here?" Inquired Eve when she took a look at Aunt Aubrey's writing table. 

"You will find it in the right drawer," answered Aunt Aubrey before expressing her thoughts on the Moriarty family, "It seems like Mrs. Moriarty finds it hard to look at the poor. Do you know what happened to the previous Mrs. Moriarty?" 

Eve shook her head, "I never asked," and she picked up the quill to dip it in the ink bottle. 

"Whom are you writing to?" Lady Aubrey asked, noticing Eve writing something on the parchment with utmost care. 

"It is to Mr. Sullivan that we won't be able to meet him for lunch tomorrow," replied Eve. 

Lady Aubrey smiled, "Just because I am not able to, doesn't mean you and Eugene cannot. Don't worry about me. I just need a little rest."

Eve shook her head, "It wouldn't be right to leave you here all alone."


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