Allure Of The Night

[Mature Content] The body of a mermaid is a vault of treasures. Their tears formed the most splendid of pearls, their exquisite blood a euphoric drug for vampires, their luscious hair woven into the finest of silk, and their tender meat sought after by werewolves more than Heaven’s ambrosia. The creatures of night mingled within human society, fleeced in the wool of aristocracy, veiled in their portrayed innocence and nobility, their savagery continued to predate on the weak and powerless. Genevieve Barlow, Eve for short, was an exceptionally strange young lady. She had an alluring and beguiling nature, where for her twenty-four year old self had barely changed in appearance since her eighteenth birthday. She had fooled the administration and had gotten a degree so that she could have a better life. Most odd of all was that Eve had a secret she shared with no one. She enters the house of Moriarty, not just to earn but also to find answers on what happened to her mother nearly two decades ago. Unfortunately, things do not always proceed as one planned. Despite her cautious nature and desire to stay out of sight, a cold pair of eyes falls on her, that soon refuses to leave her out of sight.

ash_knight17 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
546 Chs

Some things don't change

Music Recommendation: Together again—Stephen Rennicks

The only sound that was heard in the living room was the soft crackling from the fireplace while the chatter of the people in the house dulled down. A soft thud was heard from the main door as if someone had walked out of the house. 

Eve partly closed her eyes when she felt Vincent's lips touch hers. It was nothing less than the sparks in the clouds before the rain, where the two until now had refrained from having more than a mere touch since they had met. Her hands gripped the front of his shirt, crumpling it when his lips started to move against hers.

Not a murmur of protest spilt out of Eve's lips; instead, she revelled in this new feeling. Her heart raced and it felt as light as a butterfly's wings. It was as if it was flapping so quickly that it would crumble in colours that she didn't know she possessed.