128 Gore in the Dungeon

Music Recommendation: Turn Hell Hound- Jed Kurzel

Eve felt a familiar discomfort in her legs while she sat on the ground. 

The weakness started spreading from the top of her legs to her ankles. Continuous walking from earlier to hide from the guards' sight had reduced the strength in her legs. On noticing the scales on one of her feet, she quickly pulled her feet under her beige inner dress.

Deacon, who was staring at Vincent, glanced at the human before looking back at the pureblooded vampire. He mustered a smile and asked, 

"Are you talking about this woman?" 

"I am sure as hell not talking about you," stated Vincent. The heels of his shoes clicked against the ground as he made his way to where Eve was. 

Vincent Moriarty knew this woman? Questioned Deacon before he tried to clear his doubt with the pureblooded vampire, "Sire, this is the woman who murdered Mr. Fowler."


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