Allure Of The Night

[Mature Content] The body of a mermaid is a vault of treasures. Their tears formed the most splendid of pearls, their exquisite blood a euphoric drug for vampires, their luscious hair woven into the finest of silk, and their tender meat sought after by werewolves more than Heaven’s ambrosia. The creatures of night mingled within human society, fleeced in the wool of aristocracy, veiled in their portrayed innocence and nobility, their savagery continued to predate on the weak and powerless. Genevieve Barlow, Eve for short, was an exceptionally strange young lady. She had an alluring and beguiling nature, where for her twenty-four year old self had barely changed in appearance since her eighteenth birthday. She had fooled the administration and had gotten a degree so that she could have a better life. Most odd of all was that Eve had a secret she shared with no one. She enters the house of Moriarty, not just to earn but also to find answers on what happened to her mother nearly two decades ago. Unfortunately, things do not always proceed as one planned. Despite her cautious nature and desire to stay out of sight, a cold pair of eyes falls on her, that soon refuses to leave her out of sight.

ash_knight17 · Fantasy
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546 Chs

Attempt to ignore

At around four in the evening, Eve finished her job of teaching Allie, and she picked up her belongings and stepped out of the piano room. On her way, as she got down the shortest flight of stairs, she caught sight of Vincent on the opposite side of the stairs with a servant. The servant's eyes were downcast, not meeting his master's eyes. 

The silver-haired vampire wore a white shirt, a dull olive green inner coat and a brown tie that matched the colour of his trousers. His hair was unkempt and his eyes cold as if annoyed by the servant for not being able to follow his orders. 

A second later, Eve realised that she had stopped walking. Instead, she was noting the details of Vincent's appearance. 

"Go fetch Alfie right now," Vincent ordered to the servant, who bowed and quickly scurried down the next flight of stairs.