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Year Date March 30, 2030 On a seemingly normal day across all countries on the face of the earth. A sudden eruption of the crust and a sudden appearance of void rifts-like holes appeared. It was the start of ULTIMA CHANGE, soon monsters arise from those rifts. And it was soon followed by bloodshed. In nearly 5 months 1 hundred million have already perished from the monsters. And with that, countries all over the world have formed their Safe Zones. Building walls that might secure them from monsters. And with the appearance of monsters also the appearance of people with strange powers and abilities.

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Starting Fresh

"Tell your grandpapa and grandmama that they both need to go home and stop sleeping at the bookstore. There is still one room that is vacant in this house. And also remind both of them they both need to rest." His Father sighs in disappointment while he was reading the newspaper that he was holding. After saying those words his Father added more,

"That bookstore that your grandpapa owns is one of his last treasures. It also became one of the ancient places I have known." His father sighs and continues speaking "If only I was fond of reading books like you. I will not sell that store soon"

After those words, the son responded with a soft tone of voice, "Yes Father, I will remind grandpapa and grandmama that they both need to go home"

He continued to munch on his food.

After finishing their breakfast, He goes straight into his room and quickly fixes his uniform "I hate this uniform, especially when I wear this suit and tie. This tie is really making my neck itchy. Even though I adjust it. It too damn itchy``

After he changed to his uniform, he heads down and walks towards the door. As he was about to open the door. He heard His mother loud voice. "Jin, you almost forget about your lunch box come back here!" His mother's gentle voice.

Jin turns around and walked back towards the kitchen. He looked at the counter where his lunch box is located. He quickly grabbed the lunch box and put it inside his bag.

"I almost forgot about you luckily mom reminded me," Jin said with a smile

Jin opens the zipper and slid the lunch box inside his bag. Jin heads out first, but before he opened the door. He turned around and smiled while saying with a cheerful expression.

"I'll be going now! Goodbye..." after he said those words he received a warm reply of "Son always take care!" from his Father. After that, he walks out of their small garden in front of their house. Jin reached for his bike and grabs its handle he let it stroll until he was at the gate.

Jin opens the gate, and then Jin hops on his road bike and starts pedaling. He started it in a slow pedal movement but his acceleration is slowly getting faster and as he goes far. His pedals were getting faster and faster. Jin was not that worried about the school time, but he was still worried that it may affect his performance, which is why he is trying to improve the time of his arrival.

"If I were to receive a violation ticket that will be dull, hope that the teacher assigned today is the teacher that fancies me," Jin giggle as he feels the wind that is blowing against him.

"I no longer feel cramp on my legs. I should go faster than I currently am," Jin comment, looking at the road where cars are driving by.

Jin was pedaling at his normal pace around 30 KM/H while his cadence was around 90 rpm. "Today seems a quite a busy road. It is still early but there are a lot of cars on the road. This will be quite difficult for me to bike on this kind of road," Jin exclaimed as he grips his handle. As he observes that there are a lot of privately owned cars that were cutting and some were swerving. "Oh, come on, why would a motor vehicle occupy the damn bike lane geez!" Jin said those words in an irritated manner.

"Damn! these cars, why are they always taking over the bike lane. How unfair is this geez… "

While Jin was pedaling in a straight line on the bike lane, a car suddenly pops out from the left side. Luckily, Jin could clench his brakes and stopped quickly. And turns his handle to the left to avoid the collision.

"What- the heck! Come on!" Jin slaps the back of the car, which made the car stopped immediately, and when Jin passes the side mirror of the car, he then punches the side mirror and as he punched the side mirror it shatters and bends. Before quickly pedaling away from the scene.

"Dang, how did that driver be able to get his license"

Jin could increase his speed and cut through the traffic to avoid the hassle. As he pedals faster, his road-bike increases its acceleration same with its speed, but the wind was blowing against him so even though he is pedaling faster his speed is still slow.

"This kind of fresh air. I feel like I am flying," Jin smiled and giggles a bit. So he tried to go down a bit in an aero position to increase his speed.

It was already 6:50 am and his time remaining is 10 more minutes to pass through the gate. Before being called out of being tardy.

"Yes... Yes... Yes, almost there! I am passing through the gate!" but as he was going faster, he can no longer use the brakes, or else he will fly from his bike to the gate. So Jin shouted as he was waving his hand, "getaway!" some students step aside as they walk on the pavement and some started running. It was already 6:59 am when he crossed the gate.

It was in a split second passed and it was very close that he drifts his bike into the school's courtyard. He smirked at the assigned teacher, as the teacher can't do anything to him.

"That was really tiresome next time I really am going to pack myself 2 liters of water," he whispered after he wipes his sweat off at it was dripping on his cheeks. After locking his road bike and fixing his locker. Jin heads towards the stairs and straight towards his classroom.

As he walked past the other students, he slowly noticed that there are a lot of students looking at him.

And he didn't know that behind him was the Heir to the Wu group of companies and the bully of the Akushu Technological Academy.

And in a split second, Jin then felt a sudden push on his back as if he was about to fall on the ground."What the!" Jin exclaimed. He turned his head back and saw Wu Meng and two more of his bully accomplices looking at him. "Did I tell you to watch your back doggy?"

"Eh? What's your problem, Wu Meng?" He gritted his teeth, But Wu Meng looked at Jin as if he was plotting something evil. "Why aren't you begging for mercy, huh!" Wu Meng grabbed Jin's collar and then lifts him up. He clenched his fist as he looked at Wu Meng. As if he was going to punch Wu Meng.

"What? Are you going to hit me Jin?" Wu Meng laughs loudly, same with the two of his friends at his back.

"You really look pathetic," he said, as he looked at Jin. After saying those words, Wu Meng throws 2 straight punches on Jin's face. Jin moaned in pain as the fist landed on his face, and after the punch, he dropped to the ground.

And Wu Meng left him with a black eye and a swollen left face on the floor and walks away as if nothing happened. Wu Meng walked back to their classroom.

And While they were heading back to the classroom, they keep laughing and continue to make fun of Jin.

Jin slowly stood up as he was being looked at by the other students. Jin quickly grabs his book. That was not far away from where he dropped it.

"I will definitely get my revenge, and I will give it in tenfolds," Jin frowned and gritted his teeth.

"Just wait, and you will see how strong I will be, and you will beg for my mercy"

After that Jin stood up and heads towards the classroom. While holding the book from his left hand and while his right hand is fixing his glasses.

"Hmm… I just want to study and finish these subjects and sure I will attain what I must attain in the future." Jin whispered so that only he can hear what he said.

And then, before he was about to step inside the room, a familiar voice called out his name from the back. "Hey, Jin!" with a smiley face, and after that Jin felt a presence behind him. And that is the person he doesn't want to cross with.

"I guess the person called me is Tan Shan, my old good friend" After that, a voice and an arm suddenly appear on his left shoulder.

"What do you want, Tan Shan?" Jin said while looking at Tan Shan irritably and so Tan Shan replied and said

"Well, as you can see, my good old friend. The game Mythical Realms is opening a new server called Seven Year Fields or also known as the 9th Server, and with that server being opened. There will be a new meta and a new balance class management. "

Tan Shan was really focused on convincing Jin to come back and play the Mythical Realms once again.

"And also to add to that. The new server will be a brand new Start. As the first server ruled by the oldies, " Higher Heavens" and still being dominated by the 5 most influential Clans. The new server will not be like that."

Tan Shan then blocked Jin and then stood in front of him. And he continued to explain his plans to Jin.

"We know that there will be a branch guild that those people "the Elite ones" will put their pawns in the server and we can overtop those 5 most influential clans. But as we look into it, the players that will enter the new server will be new people. So what I am saying is that it will be an excellent opportunity for us to recruit and enter the game like last time no? What do you think, Jin are you going to come back and play the game again?"

Tan Shan's voice was too loud they can even hear it outside of the room. And then Jin replied to what he said with a calm tone of voice. "Well, I think that will be good for you"

At this moment Jin was reading the book that he was holding earlier. And then Tan Shan said "Come on, man! Are you saying, that you will never play Mythical Realms again. Is it because of that incident that our old Clan from the Higher Heavens?"

And Jin turned around and fix his glasses and then said, "Yeah, I won't play Mythical Realms anymore, geez" Tan Shan looked disappointed when he heard Jin's answer. But Tan Shan was still believing that Jin will come back to the game. So he put his hand on his shoulder and grinned.

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