16 Chapter 15


I punched Tyler's back as he carried me to god knows where, he simply ignores me and keeps walking. He put me down with my back flat against the wall. He popped what looked like his dislocated elbow back into place with expertise, the sound of bone clicking back into place filling the air. I winced. He acted like it was no big deal.

"There are two ways for you to get out of here. Through the stairs or the window. They depend on how you're going to cooperate in the next few minutes. So I suggest you answer my questions and keep your sassy comments to someone who appreciates them. Question one—what the hell are you doing here, Bug eyes" he bared his teeth like a beast.

I folded my arms over my chest, fuming that he carried me out like that. "Enjoying the fight. Picking up a hookup, if I find someone interesting."

"You don't belong here" He got in my face. I had a feeling even he had no idea why, exactly, he was so furious with me.


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