Chapter 290: Detective Novel_1

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If given the choice, Shen Jiarui absolutely would not want to cross paths with Chu Kuang, a formidable opponent who could even match Feng Hua!

Chu Kuang ranked fourteenth?

If it were not for Chu Kuang's lack of experience, he would have been able to break into the top ten!

One look at the leaderboard would make it clear.

Among the short story writers ranked ahead of Chu Kuang, who hasn't been writing for many years?

The only disadvantage for Chu Kuang is his short entry period into the industry, leading to a lesser volume of work.

As one of the authors on the leaderboard, Shen Jiarui understood this very clearly.

That's why he felt frustrated.

Because if it weren't for Chu Kuang, he could have been the first in March.

"Don't panic… there's still hope…"

Taking a deep breath, Shen Jiarui began to comfort himself.

Yes, firstly his work this time is of top quality, and secondly, what if Chu Kuang does not perform well this time?