Chapter 283: A Big Brainstorm_1

Translator: 549690339

Dai Rui and Zhang Bin looked at each other, both seeing disbelief in each other's eyes. The final scene of the film felt like a sudden black hole, devouring people's imagination and blowing open the minds of all the viewers —

Could Ye Shen really see?

Was the doctor really killed by Jiang Yan?

Did that rabbit causing the car crash exist?

Was the story he told Sofi true or false?

These questions previously had plausible answers, but with Ye Shen's throw of the can, all the answers seemed to shatter. Question marks lingered in everyone's mind.


Dai Rui, who had just exited the cinema, suddenly pulled Zhang Bin, who was deep in thought, and suggested: "Let's watch the movie again tomorrow. I feel we focused too much on the music and missed quite a few details."


Surprisingly, Zhang Bin agreed.