Chapter 282 Infinite Reversals_2

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It's interesting that...

At this moment in the cinema, many people are unanimously holding their breaths, indicating that everyone's hearts are in a state of utmost tension in front of this overwhelming flood of plot twists.

Jiang Yan is definitely dead!

That's what everyone thinks.

But after Zhang Bin relaxes, he suddenly feels an inexplicable sense of anxiety again:

Could it be...

Another plot twist?

If it were any other movie, Zhang Bin wouldn't entertain this suspicion, but the movie "The Tuner" is too damned insane, taking plot twists to the absolute extreme!



No one can guarantee that the next shot won't reveal another unexpected plot twist!

The subsequent plot seems to suggest that Zhang Bin's speculations are excessive.

Ye Shen and the doctor drive, ferrying the unconscious Jiang Yan, to hand her over to the black market tycoon...

The scene transitions.

It's two years later now.

In Qin land.

Inside a music hall.