Chapter 281: Another Turnaround_1

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Faced with the sudden plot twist in the film, all the spectators in the theatre were gobsmacked!

Nobody could have expected that Ye Shen was not blind!

Thinking back to Ye Shen's employment history, those wealthy individuals had exposed their entire selves in front of this 'blind man'...

"Wow, this plot twist is insane!"

"I genuinely thought the protagonist was blind at first!"

"Doesn't that mean that the woman who was dancing naked earlier was fully seen by Ye Shen, and so were the couple having an affair, oh god, and that man who was doing strange things in front of Ye Shen..."

"Who would have thought!"

"The protagonist had been faking it so calmly all this time, I'm impressed!"


Dai Rui suddenly said, "Come to think of it, if a blind man were playing the piano in my house, I probably wouldn't be on guard either."

"That's the terrifying part."