Chapter 269 Do You Have Wine for My Story_1

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The top trending topic in the tribe at this moment is #FeiYangtheDualRunnerup#.

Thanks to the trending topic, my account has gained quite a few followers today and the comments are extraordinarily plentiful, except....

Fei Yang went through the comments on his tribe account with an annoyed look, a slight twitch apparent on the corner of his mouth:

"Hail to Mr. Second!"

"In the dark, there's a will of number two."

"Chen Zhiyu: Brother, I entrust my career to you."

"Admirable Fish: Don't rush, this is only the second time."

"Is King Fei about to become the new Perennial Runner-up?"

"My God, Chen Zhiyu is toxic! Last time, after winning the first place, he secretly passed the baton to King Fei, who was in second place!"

"A certain fishing rod manufacturing company: King Fei, as Chen Zhiyu's endorsement is about to expire, after conducting a study, we believe you are the most suitable spokesperson to endorse our fishing rod!"