Chapter 267: The End of the Gambling Dog_1

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The same world, the same night.

As one of the recognized Maestros in the music world, the competitive Ye Zhi Qiu was also sitting in front of his computer, giving the freshly baked new season's songs he was interested in a listen—

Same as Fei Yang.

Ye Zhi Qiu first listened to Fei Yang's "New World."

This was a song composed by Yin Dong.

The other was a Maestro like himself this season, and despite having the same title, Yin Dong always had a slightly higher reputation in the industry.

It took a few minutes.

After finishing listening to the other's song, Ye Zhi Qiu fell silent for a moment, then opened "Red Sun".

The song that made Zheng Jing give in, it surely wouldn't disappoint me. What style would Xian Yu adopt this time?

He pondered inwardly.

The playback had already begun.