Chapter 258 Chu Continent Characteristics_1

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"Customize the song, 'Under the Red Sun'."

After browsing through the system music library for half an hour, Lin Yuan eventually chose the song which first came to his mind—

Hacken Lee's 'Under the Red Sun'!

Actually, there are quite a few inspirational songs or meaningful songs in Cantonese, but Lin Yuan knows the importance of this song selection, so he chose one of the most influential Cantonese songs, considering one thing:

The singer's style.

The performer of this song has already been decided, it's Lan Yan, one of the kings of singing in Starlight. Lin Yuan, as a native Qin person, is quite familiar with this veteran singer, including a relatively clear concept of the singer's vocal range and tone.

Other songs may be suitable in terms of content and melody.

But when considering the content, melody and the singer's unique style, 'Under the Red Sun' is the best choice.

"Ding Dong."