Chapter 254 No One Understands Composing Better Than the Master_1

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In a world where the film industry system is perfected and developed, the preparation time for movies is inevitably not too lengthy. Of course, it's unrealistic to believe all these preparatory work can be done within a few days.

Hence, Lin Yuan simply took this time to take on a second apprentice.

It was the System's task of teaching composition.

The second apprentice came from the composition department on the ninth floor.

Lin Yuan picked him from the list of potential newcomers given by Gu Dong. His name was Feng Shuo.

The reason for choosing Feng Shuo was simple...

Because this young composer had high potential!

He had just joined the company and had already written two exceptionally well-performing songs.

Some even secretly referred to Feng Shuo as "Little Xian Yu," highlighting his potential.

Remember, when Lin Yuan initially took Xue Liang as an apprentice, Xue Liang's composition ability was just over four hundred. He was just a beginner.