Chapter 192: No Problem _1

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In his spare time from filming, Lin Yuan naturally paid attention to the impact of his short story.

As expected, 'The Necklace', as a work of Maupassant, received undeniable recognition.

This made Lin Yuan happy.

As for the debate about whether his work or Feng Hua's work is stronger, Lin Yuan was aware of it, but the person who is actually competing with Feng Hua is not Chu Kuang but Maupassant. Therefore, Lin Yuan did not feel strongly involved.

On the contrary,

'The Necklace' in the second 'Writings from a Dream' event of the Tribe Literature held a substantial lead in reader votes, sitting firmly on the champion's throne. This made Lin Yuan feel very involved -

He envisioned a million-dollar prize was beckoning him!

At this moment, Lin Yuan suddenly felt somewhat relieved.